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I have to catch the train on a Friday as I don't get a lift. To protect myself from the oddballs/drunks/criminally insane types who always seem to sit next to me and try to talk to me I wear my MP3 player. Today I listened to a selection of Split Enz favourites and the first 6 tracks of Tims "Tim Finn" album which made the journey most enjoyable.
I've only heard one track from this album. The hype about this band is through the roof. Some claim they are the saviours of British Rock. Big Grin

Guess i'll have to check them out now. Eeker

Wonder if they were inspired by The Monkees?
Glad they didn't go with 3 Monkeys, or even worse (or maybe better), The Brass......?! Big Grin
Ha! Big Grin
When i was at Uni, i went into the library one day, & thought what i heard was an air-conditioner humming in the background. I said to one of the librarians that the air-conditionere sounded like it needed maintenance. She told me that it wasn't the air-conditioner. It was a Brian Eno album. Big Grin Turned out to be Music For Airports.
Have had a fascination with Eno's music ever since, (or maybe i should just get an air-conditioner!)
I listen to his album with Harold Budd, called The Pearl at least once a month. It's definately a desert island disc.
Also really like the music of Steve Roach. Have been listening to his album Quiet Music.
Guess you could call it musical wallpaper, but it seems to alter the mood of a room, (or maybe its just the air-temperature!) Eeker
Originally posted by Zuf:
Aaah! So maybe the office manager here was actually piping Brian Eno around the office!
So I have my headphones and I'm listening to 'Sharon O'Neill'. Anyone outside of Australia heard of her? I think even most Australians may not remember.

Yes Zuf, probably is. Big Grin
Guess there is a fine line between Brian Eno, & um, an Air Conditioner.& i mean that in an "isn't it interesting how he is challenging what the definiton of music could be" kind of way.
Ah, Sharon O'Neil. How could we forget. She was a very beautiful girl, probably still is. Eeker

Where are they now?

Have been listening to a cover-version album of Who songs. Hmm, not a patch on the originals. Interesting though. But as Roger Daltry would probably say,
"we won't be fooled again!". Smiler
Just off to turn up the volume on my aircon. Big Grin

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