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This forum seemed a little lonely. I thought I would ask what people thought SE members were saying in various songs. For example, what are the words said at the beginning of Shark Attack on True Colours. Personally I believe it's Eddie Rayner saying 'Hear the bubbles?'. I have always suspected there was some backward message on Kia Kaha on See Ya Round. I just never could figure out how to get make my lp to play it. Any thoughts?
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Speaking of the sample of "Split Ends" in "Haul Away", I always suspected that placing the sample right after "ambition has lost me friends and time..." verbalised some regret about past members of the Enz (like Phil) who weren't still there when the band became huge.

Does anyone agree? or is this extreme overanalysis? :-)

re the background vocals in "Haul Away"
I was enjoying a bit of smugness knowing where that sampling snippet came from-leave it a million of you out there to spoil the fun
I agree with the "ambition has lost..." analogy to the departure of Phil. He must've been a pain to work with-such a great mind with an equally great ego stepping in the way. Tim is always mentioning Phil at concerts and it's obvious that he's still pained (and a bit perplexed) that he doesn't speak with Phil anymore.
You're a cruel man, Greg :-)

At least going by "Stranger than Fiction" and some other stuff, I think they still talk to each other... the book mentions them playing golf together and didn't they collaborate on... aarrrggh! that single whose name I've forgotten...

Anyway Mike Chunn's book is also big on the theory that Tim is always apologising etc to Phil in songs like "Charlie", "Without a Doubt" etc... interesting theory and for sure Mike Chunn would understand the relationship better than I.
Tim Finn and Phil Judd actually performed, wrote and produced the entire album(THE BIG STEAL). Also, Phil and Tim must have kept in touch over the years, because Phil played on some of Tim's BIG CANOE album in 1986. And before that they had written a song just called THE INSTRUMENTAL, which was recorded by(what is refered to in THE OTHER ENZ VOL 1)a ripper bunch of blokes. I don't know what their relationship is like now, or even if they stay in touch at all. But it is certainly not the case that they lost touch and stopped being friends as soon as Phil left Split Enz.

It would be great if Phil Judd and Tim Finn made an album like Neil and Tim's FINN, where just the two of them wrote and played everything on it. This may be getting a little bit of the topic of Tim and Phil's relationship, but I have always wondered what it would sound like if Neil and Phil wrote and recorded something together. I know that there was a brief time when Phil rejoined Split Enz in early 1977, Robert Gillies was sacked to make way for Phil's return and Tim, Phil and Neil were all in the band at the same time. One can only wonder what the band would have sounded like if Phil had stayed and the three collaborated together. Ah well, I guess we will never know now.

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