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Well finally i am going to ask the dumb question... how can i sing like Neil Finn?
The reason being is i want to learn how to sing like Neil so hopefully i can join other Enz fans and set up not just a Split Enz tribute band, but one who will revive many of the Enz classics to take on the US charts and win.
One idea is on the first album to have Spilt Enz 2 (the new enz) to be the backing band with guest singers to sing the enz songs...IE: Mandy Moore to sing "I hope I never", etc...
Album 2 will see the Enz 2 back Neil and Tim (brian) Finn, while album 3 the Enz 2 will release new matrial but keep with the traditional art/pop style of the first enz.

If anyone knows someone who can teach me to sing like Neil (even the man himself)or has any enz ideas please email me at

I would be perfect in this role as i am 19, the same age neil was when he joined the enz.

OH, by the way... in the debate of which is Neil best written songi agree with most people it has to be "Message to my girl"(as written for sharon finn) and a close second (and people forgot this song) "Better be home soon" - a classic.

thanks everyone for time

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I'm not sure how to say this, but...why use new Enz as opposed to former members? Split Enz was really a lot more than just Tim or Neil and a backup band; a lot of their sound and image was a collective thing. Besides, if the songwriters were interested in a new Enz, they would have already produced some new songs (we can always hope, but it's probably not very likely ).

An Enz tribute band would be cool (not sure if there isn't one already), if you are interested in doing something like that. It would probably be even better for you to do something of your own.

I really don't want to discourage you, it's great to have a lot of enthusiasm about anything. But don't bite off too much - it would probably be better to start small and have some sucess than to put in a huge effort before getting any feedback.
I would never want to dissuade anyone from singing like Neil Finn. One way you could do it is to take up smoking, as I believe Neil smoked for a long time before recently giving it up, and that's part of the reason his voice has deepened over the years. (I'm glad he gave it up, though, as it means he may live longer)
I'm not sure your idea has a snowball's chance in hell of succeeding, but you'll never know if you don't try. I for one would be happy to hear Enz songs on the radio again, even sung by a band calling itself Split Enz Two, or whatever.
By the way, please don't smoke. Smoking kills.
Peter's post, particularly where he mentions winning over the U.S. charts, put me in mind of a wish of mine. I wish Split Enz, since they had such a successful Y2K concert in NZ, would reunite for a series of New Year concerts around the world. They can start in Canada, where they always had a steady following, and introduce a new generation of fans to their music.

Maybe we should get a petition started and send it off to Peter Green...
I think you should go for it Peter. I'm like you and want to be in a tribute band to Crowded House, I have had the dream of doing it since I picked up a guitar and played (just like yesterday, The Who). A tribute band is an excellent way of progressing into your own material with the experience. There are a few tribute bands out in the UK, one that I know personally (I can say that now) and they find the sessions alot of fun and thats what it is at the end of the day..Fun, you never know, you might become a huge tribute band like some in the UK- Bootleg Beatles, Think Floyd, Voulez Vous-loads. Sorry about not being able to help you with the Neil voice, I'm still trying to find my own. Good luck in what you decide to do.

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