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Well, that was an excellent way to wake up! I turned on my computer, checked my email and there was something there from Crowded House. I figured that it would be just something saying that the album cover had been released but when I clicked on it I almost jumped out of my chair!
It was a great little snippet to show and it I'm glad that I've seen it.
My reaction after seeing it was that I'm now even more excited about getting the cd.
Also, it kind of made something from the webcast a bit clearer. Remember the stuff ups on 'Don't dream it's over' - well, when Neil says "I know which one they're gonna use" I now take that is if they knew that they were going to release this little snippet. Anyway, it was great! Razzer
I'm really glad they made the "Finding Matt" video. He's not just the new drummer of some band, he's a new member of the Crowded House community, which includes us. (Whereas in a lot of bands, I don't know that this would matter so much) It's really good that they've given us this opportunity to sort of "meet" him, because I think CH fans feel a connection with the band that is not typical or common. It was a really good call to offer up a way for the fans to feel more connected to Matt.
I really enjoyed it..I had thought Matt seemed kind of shy from the webcast and Thekla footage (however animated he is as a drummer), but I'm glad to see I'm wrong. I loved the clip of him sitting in the room participating in the crafting of a song. Like Steve Lillywhite said, he looks like a great spirit to have in the studio.

And from his positive remarks about Nick's bass playing and Neil's musicianship, it seems like he's really happy to have fallen into (as it seems) this situation of playing with Crowded House.
Very cool guy indeed.

Does anybody know where the "interview" with Neil and Nick took place and what for ?

Thre were big ass microphones on a table in front of them, not the sort of thing you get for handy cam work so i have to assume that it is some radio show or something like that.

Anyway, lets hope Coachella streams the whole gig so those of us back in the uuk can watch it all and remember Bristol.

The Stoat
Loved it! It was nice to get to know a little more about Matt and see that he's not as reserved as he first appeared. I get the impression that he is probably quite an outgoing guy in situations where he is comfortable (eg small recording studio or rehearsal room with people he knows) but onstage in front of a huge crowd he may be more withdrawn. But aren't we all? Smiler

I don't get the emails yet from the CH site so thanks for sharing.
Paul was such a huge personality. I wonder if Matt doesn't want to look like he's trying to upstage the memory of Paul (?). He seems very outgoing in person but on stage he probably knows its Neil and Nick's band. Just think about trying to fill the shoes of such a big personality like Paul. I think he's great. I saw him play with Beck and they had the puppet show. No one with hair like that can be too serious and shy!
I think it's a great idea, and I agree it's quite probable it will be part of the content on the bonus DVD, though I hope we also get some stuff we haven't seen when it comes out too.

I liked the idea of having an introductory video clip too - and really nice to see him come out of himself a bit more. However, I wonder if maybe it's a similar thing to Mark... I mean, I've heard Mark say more in the past 6 months of Crowdieness than every clip I have of the years he was with the band before - maybe he feels more a part of the band now he's not the new guy; and maybe it will take time for Matt to get comfortable - although maybe also he's not used to the whole song-chat-song-song-chat etc type of gig?

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