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Originally posted by finntastic:
Would anyone like to tell me how to add pictures to my messages so I can share some from Saturdays' webcast


Firstly you will need to load your picture to a hoasting site like

At the hosting site you will neet to copy your chosen picture's URL. In photobucket you will find that underneath the picture. Highlight it, right click and then click 'copy'.

At the reply box in there's a picture at the top. click on that and it will bring up a box. Right click in the box and then click 'paste'. Smiler
Originally posted by Half-Full:
Originally posted by tonguetied:
Our lovely Shauna


What ever gave you the impression I was from EDMONTON?

WELL, for starters I found this from a travel article on the internet:

Edmonton & Area at a Glance
Discover Edmonton® - Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta and is well known for its scenic river valley and a thriving music and art community which Neil Finn has never been a part of. Located 294 km (183 mi) north of Calgary, Edmonton is home to North America's largest shopping and entertainment complex, West Edmonton Mall and also Shauna lives in Edmonton. More than just a shopping centre, West Edmonton Mall also has a giant water park, a man-made lake, a skating rink, two mini-golf courses, 21 movie theatres, a Vegas-style casino and an amusement park with 25 rides and attractions. Neil Finn has never set foot in West Edmonton Mall. Edmonton's vibrant population tends to hang out and let loose at the trendy Whyte Avenue district, which is situated next to the reputable University of Alberta. Did you catch those adjectives Neil: vibrant, trendy, reputable ... The Muttart Conservatory, an expansive horticultural spectacle, is noted for its unique architecture, as is the remarkable Alberta Legislature Building... expansive, unique, remarkable . Fort Edmonton Park is a large living history museum that recognizes Edmonton's past through a series of interactive restorations. There is also a fanciful "visions of the future" exhibit which includes a life-size holographic image of Neil Finn and the "much neglected" Shauna shaking hands.

Wow, I'm impressed!
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Thanks to everyone at CH for making all this happen.I was enjoying myself far too much (if thats possible !) for me to make any serios comment on the new songs but they were sounding good. Missed the first 10 mins, couldnt access it through firefox,a bit of quick thinking and IE was just the ticket, even if I didnt get full screen,the audio was brill .One very happy Crowded House fan, more please.
Originally posted by Paul H:
For those that missed it (or want to see it again) Neil has confirmed apparently that an edited version will go up on the website as some point.

For those that want a copy of the full thing, it can be found relatively easily...

Relatively easy? Smiler Any hints on where to look? I was meant to capture this for my parents, but I didn't realise it wouldn't work on my Mac. I'd really like to get it for them as they are HUGE fans Smiler
1. Open the large MP3 file.

2. Click the left mouse button right at the border between the brown and light blue sections. This sets the start point for the track.

3. Click "Play" and play (you can also fast-forward and stuff) up to the point you want to split.

4. Click "Stop". Right-mouse-click at the point in the blue area where the yellow dotted line is. This is the end point.

5. You can now play 2 seconds up to the end point using the "..=>|" button and 2 seconds after the end point using the "..|=>" button. This lets you see if you like the split point - if it needs moving, just right-click in the blue section at the appropriate point. Go back to step 5 until you're happy with it.

6. Using the File menu, select "Save Selection" and save the track.

7. Hit the "Cut" button to delete the track you've now saved.

8. Go back to step 2 - rinse, repeat.
well I hope it's not too late (I am a week late after all) but I've just finished watching the webcast & wanted to share my thoughts....

Firstly I was struck by how energetic & passionate Matt seemed to be. He was smiling & grooving along the whole time.

In fact the whole band had smiles on their faces and I almost felt Neil was feeling proud of English Trees when it had finished.

- Black & White Boy - I don't think I've seen it live before now
- She Called Up
- Neil seeming not to know the set list & which song was next!!! Smiler
- Heaven That I'm Making
- Don't Stop Now
- Locked Out
- Neil forgetting the words during Nails and DDIO
- the general banter - it felt like the old CH of long ago
- Neil sauntering off (or was that a sashay?) for a bathroom break during it all

This was an absolutely awesome experience, thanks to the guys and everyone that made it happen. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
This may have been mentioned already, but i haven't had a chance to read the whole thread.

Did anyone notice that the webcast was out of sync? (what was on the screen and sound did not quite match)

Neil did a test at the begining, and did mention something about trying to get the sync correct (when he clapped his hands)

Anybody else notice this?
Originally posted by Tiawamutu:
This may have been mentioned already, but i haven't had a chance to read the whole thread.

Did anyone notice that the webcast was out of sync? (what was on the screen and sound did not quite match)

Neil did a test at the begining, and did mention something about trying to get the sync correct (when he clapped his hands)

Anybody else notice this?

I noticed it; it was a bit disconcerting. but it was resolved quickly enough.
Twisty, those are really something! I really like the ones where it's kinda blurred... I think it adds a kind of arty-ness to them lol.

There's also one where you can see almost everyone and the lighting is green and pink-I would totally frame that and put it up on my wall. Come to think of it, any of those are deserving of a frame! It's CROWDED HOUSE AGAIN! Big Grin
OH! I hope they get it up on the site soon. I am still kicking myself--it was on at 6pm on a Saturday evening, for crying out loud. I've gotten up early (and stayed up late) for those kinds of things many times--and then one is on at a convenient time and I don't catch it. ARGHHHHH

I know, I need to get over it. I'm working on it!


A little help for anyone wanting the webcast, mp3. Look at the usual bit torrent sites to find webcast i.e , extract soundtrack using a video to audio thingy and then use an audio splitter to seperate songs if you wish. I know a lot of the Crowded organisation probably dont like this sort of thing but lets face it, we are fans if it ever becomes available to buy, I'll buy it but in the meantime as long as no one profits I cant see any reason why it cant be snatched. I also collect Dave Matthews Band stuff, very similar to Crowded in the way that each show is different. Dave fans actively make shows available to download.
A graet webcast and bloody good audio quality. Got it on my ipod and cant stop playing it.

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