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Not sure if I should put this here or in Original Creations. Confused At any rate I stumbled upon this guys website.

Check it out here

and be sure to see the rest of his work, great stuff.

[edit] OH! I just realized that I didn't have all topics showing. If this is a repeat thread I apologize. Red Face [edit]
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Mona, you are cracking my sh** up! Great story. Anyway, I looked at the guy's work. He's pretty technically skilled. Although I think I understand Neil's expression as he receives the painting. I would feel like a dorkus malorkus holding a super dramatic painting combining my image with waves crashing onto the shore. Not to dog the guy or anything (if you saw the crap I have to design every day...), but that's just my opinion.
first thing i thought when i saw the stones was
"is that s'posed to be 12 apostles?"

for those of you who aren't familiar
they're a group of eroded rock formations found while driving down the Great Ocean Road off the coast of Victoria, Australia.
i don't have my photos with me, but here's what i found.

that expression of neil's had me laughing for a good ten minutes, by the way. priceless.
(quite a few of the photos on this site are amazing, by the way)
Hello Mabelle (are you able, to come out and play?)

Yeah, I remember the apostles! I was on a drive in Oz in a car full of parents and siblings. Gosh, I was a kid then - maybe 17? But memory tells me I had a walkman on and a cassette with True Colours on one side and Waiata on the other. It's about all I remember of a month long trip to Oz. The walkman and the 12 Apostles . . . and this girl in Melbourne. Mmmmmm. Split Enz was the ice breaker.

Shakespeare South
I had to look at this entire thread a couple of times to figure out that "Stick Girl" has included a piece by artist Julian Grater.

When I first saw this post, I immediately recognized it as the cover of "Passion", Peter Gabriels' 1989 soundtrack for the movie "The Last Temptation of Christ", directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Willem Dafoe. "Passion" is pure genius!

Thanks for reminding me of that inspirational collection of songs.
Hey Everyone... Razzer

This is a word from the artist of that Neil Finn picture, Ken...

"thanks..... maybe you can pass along that I am a professional artist, for one, and that I do this once in a while, when I really like someone's music. The pictures on the wall behind are pictures in the club where he played, and are of various musicians that played there. Believe me, I am not a stalker, just someone who loves music a lot, loves to meet the musicians he likes, etc. Neil was very nice, very grateful and complimentary, and I purposefully didn't take up much of his time.

sometimes I think the mean comments on boards like these just come from jealous people, I dunno."

But he said thanks for the nice comments! Big Grin

Over and out...
See ya,
Ayisha! Razzer
Just cause someone has an opinion doesn't make it a mean comment. He's technically gifted, as I said before. He can render more realistically than I can. Am I jealous? No, because, in my OPINION, the work is a bit overwrought and melodramatic. I don't think I'm the greatest artist in the world, but that doesn't render me unable to have an opinion. It's certainly sweet that he thinks so highly of Neil that he painted the portrait, and that has merit. But, if I were in Neil's shoes, and this is just me, I would be flattered but also feel a little uncomfortable about owning such a super-DRAMA-tique portrait of myself. That's all. No mean-ness intended.
In retrospect, I got a little crabby that my opinion was construed as being mean so I wrote the reply a few posts up. Now that I think of it though, it is kinda mean to give your opinion when it wasn't requested. So for that I am sorry. The artist didn't request my opinion, either by saying "whadya think?" or by posting it so publicly that the request is implied (I know he posted on his site but I probably would've never seen it so...), so in that sense I was commenting out of turn. If he asks me, I will be truthful about what I think, but he didn't so I should shut up. The truth is that is was sweet and well executed and, if it makes him happy, then god bless him. Smiler

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