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Neither of the shows i went to (Brighton and RAH) were recorded. Apparently Brighton wasn't recorded because, as it is a smaller venue, they wouldn't expect to make enough sales to cover their costs. The RAH wanted too much money, thus again making in uneconomical. (I can't believe that at twenty quid a pop they wouldn't make their money but there you go)

Too bad because they were two great shows
We were also there last night and at Brighton. Both fantastic gigs and possibly the best of the tour. I thought all CH/NF shows are recorded via the soundboard for the band's anyway? Must be possible, if the demand's there (which it WILL be) for a fanclub CD to be produced......when was the last live fanclub CD?
As Suzanne has mentioned, the question of a Fan Club issue of the RAH gig was the subject of much discussion on the night.

The setlist reflected what I understand to be Neil's not unreasonable view that the show was more likely to be attended by the more dedicated fan - accordingly 'rarer' songs got a welcome airing.

Consequently I feel that the gig would thus be perfect for the Club to release as a 'bonus' to the five more 'regular' gigs that were recorded and sold in limited numbers to the general public.

Some thing for our own 'Private Universe'....

Don't want to blitz Peter with e-mails on this but hope he and the band pick up on this idea.



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