I'm looking for Cassettes (or tapes) of Split Enz, Crowded House, Tim Finn and Neil Finn. Right now, I only have a couple so anything on offer should be of interest. Also cassette singles, by the way.

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Hi Guy,

I have heaps of cassettes....Split Enz, Tim Finn, Crowded House & some cassingles.

I think I have the Split Enz collections. 

Let me know if you are interested. 

If you send me your email I can send you pic of them.



Hi all,

I have a pretty decent collection of cassettes, mainly thanks to Molokai :-)

I'm still after the following cassette singles:

Crowded House:

- I Feel Possessed

- Better Be Home Soon

- When You Come

- Fall at our Feet

-It's Only Natural

- Four Seasons in One Day

- Distan Sun

Tim Finn:

- Persuasion


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