Oh Miss Timtam! Wonderful creations!!!!! Keep 'em coming. Big Grin

Got any 'Dirty Creature' type stuff? Like your old Av? How about the Corroboree years? Any HNR caps you could play with. cough...NEIL! NEIL! NEIL!...cough...singing the "deep in the night" bit...cough...

Big Grin
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Made My Day

Okay haven't done the requests yet, got distracted by Made My Day being uploaded, Saints be praised, I'm a happy girl. Big Grin

Boldy and FG had a looksy at "deep in the night" and its really fuzzy much to my disgust, so I wiped out half of what I did last night. So play around with it some more when I get kicked off the net in a few minutes.
Ooooh excellent, Kelly! Love the caligraphy style writing and the whole style of it, brilliant! Big Grin
You need to go to Kelly TimTam's post of 26th March, last link posted in the message, page 4 of this thread. It's a table of Tim through the years, kept me sane through some dark days I can tell you! Wink

It's a masterpiece. We are not worthy Kelly we are not worthy. Cool
Kelly,thank you so much,i chose the last screensaver on the link page 4,it's gorgeous just gorgeous,i also like the one of Tim and Neil.
Can i just double check with you is it ok to use it as a screensaver?
I don't want to plagurise or anything,only just joined a few days ago dont want to be barred,got told off from the moderator in another forum !!!
Thanks kelly,had visions of the internet police coming to arrest me if i used it!!
Still if the policeman doing the arresting looked like Tim,I would confess with a little "Persusion"!!!!
Love Tim in his outfit in "Six Months".
*Swoon* *THUD*

Took hk's lead and sussed out the Tim wallpaper.

Me likey. Very much.

Favourite pics: Bottom row, second from left. (Sunnies), bottom row, far right (Leaky Boat),

I like them all, but these two are my favourites.


PS: Thankyou for taking the time to make this, KellyTimtam.
Originally posted by Fizzy:
Favourite pics: Bottom row, second from left. (Sunnies)

Oh yes. Cool [And also the one directly above it from 2004. ]
Eeker Eeker Eeker Eeker Eeker Eeker Eeker Eeker Eeker
*climbs off floor, back up to computer*

In a word... WOW!!! Big Grin Cool
Love the new additions to the ever growing list of Kelly's Finn wallpapers and such. Smiler

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