Are you a Neil Finn fan by any chance Kelly?? Big Grin

These are really great! Especially the one you forgot! Beautiful pictures, thank you! I wish I knew how to do that... I always wondered how you got such great avatars!
Originally posted by Finngirl:
Please remove these if it's not okay to post them, and if not I'm sorry for my blunder
Hey, they're fab and very welcome - and they certainly count as "original creations"!
Fiona be more than happy to make you an avatar. PM your fav pic to me and i'll make it a small size to fit the forum. Otherwise let me know of a fav pic & i'll see what I have Smiler.

Finngirl did you want those pics you posted made into a wallpaper to fit your screen ? Wallpapers are usually the size of your screen, but if the piccy's small like those you posted can make a collage out of them to fit into one wallpaper if you like. Just pm me any more pics if you want them added to make a wallpaper for you.

cheers Kelly

Suus you wouldn't believe how many pics are on my computer, I can't help it I'm a Finn snagaholic !
Thanks Kelly, I was mainly posting them up so we could all share them. I love my wall paper at the mo, it's a still from NTGYTYA but when it's time for a change, I'll keep you in mind Big Grin cheers
Kelly, I love this last Tim wall! Funny how he gets (even) better looking as he gets older...
It's great how you've got so many pictures!!
If i come across a good pic i snag !! Can't help it, i like playing with piccies and photoshop, keeps me out of trouble. They're from different fan groups or google search, or pics posted in news articles. Its hard to get a large size image.
Suus the fan photos are the best, i love them when people share them, love the stunned mullet looks, or deer caught by the light. LOL

I'm sorry I don't have photo's to share with you then, because that sounds just like the ones I take of my poor family and friends! Smiler But I may give it a shot in June....

Yup too weird Suus.
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Now what!?!?!?? How can my post end up in yours??? I've been in a fight with this **** keyboard all morning! Even my email account was suddenly in Spanish....

I need a good strong coffee, and my computer needs a good talking to!!
Ah Suzanne i see what you mean now, as i just got a really freaky email notification as well !! Not the usual type of reply notification..............
Well, spooky emails aside, thank you for these pictures Kelly, you're obviously a woman with far too much time on her hands Big Grin.
Not that I'm complainig, they're great!
Okay, this does it!!! Mag and I will come over when we are in Brisbane and copy or hijack your hard disc!! Big Grin Big Grin

(not that I know how to, but we'll figure it out!!)
Originally posted by suzanne:
Okay, this does it!!! Mag and I will come over when we are in Brisbane and copy or hijack your hard disc!! Big Grin Big Grin

(not that I know how to, but we'll figure it out!!)

Will we? I don't even know what we're talking about, but I'm going to have a look right now!
OK, I do now...
Suus, I think we'd better just take the whole computer, would be a lot easier.
Finngirl, where do you live?
Awwww thanks FiNa FIOnA, you're most welcome.
Tee Hee Magbolt I live in N.S.W. right now, but you never know when I might move back to NZ Big Grin
Thanks Kelly! These are great as always. Where did you find the cool Andy Warhol-like Neil's? I wonder who did those, was it you?

Wow, Kelly, you are quite an artiste! Wink

Is this your line of work? What programs do you use? Photoshop?

Keep at it, fabulous work! Smiler

Tracy is just jasc software paintshop 7 too lazy to upgrade and use new tools, its just a bit of fun mucking about for half an hour or so when i get kicked off the net. Nope not my line of work at all. Roll Eyes
love that dizrythmia wallpaper, it's gone striaght up replacing the split enz logo one from a while ago!

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