I created a DDIO Wallpaper, if someone likes it you can get it for free Big Grin

It's the size of 1024*768.

Hope you'll like it Smiler
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I like this A LOT, Sandra... you talented girl, you!!! Smiler

Thankyou so very much for sharing, and brightening an old woman's day Big Grin
awwww You're not an old woman.

I'm so happy someone likes my creations .
I'm planing to make some other wallpapers with SSS, ION, WWL and IntoTemptation clips.

I'll post them here again, when they are finished.
No... I'm a happy old woman to have this as my wallpaper. Big Grin It looks fab Smiler

Thanks for sharing the fruits of your talent, young lady! Big Grin Wink
Joanna if the link still doesn't work, I can email your the wallpapers.
Does anybody else have this problems? On my computer I can reach the pics.
Aww thank's a lot guys. It realy makes me feel good, when you all like my wallpapers Big Grin
And I have to warn you, it makes me going on Wink

By now I have something special for you.
It's not a wallpaper (but you can use it for that as well, the size is the same) it's the worlds first Chrowded House photo comic strip.
Yes, I've been completly going mad, and created this little story about....no I don't tell just click the link Wink

photo comic strip

See ya !!!
HA HA ! oh that is so funny!

Sandra you are a champion! That wallpaper and the comic strip are so good! HA HA! I love it Smiler

got any more?
I should require money for my creations Big Grin
I'm gonna try to make more comics, it depends on if I'll get any good ideas and if I have enough video stuff (don't badmouth me cause I still don't own the dreaming DVD )

Wallpapers will come soon too.

The red socked champion will come back Big Grin
Yes, I'm still alive and at work for a new wallpaper.
Today the WWY Wallpaper is available. And again all for free
Maybe it could be too bright to use it as wp I'm not quiet sure. So go on and test it.

WWY Wallpaper

Hope it works for you.
Awww crap. That's twice in two days I've gotten an error message...

(in all likelihood a problem at my end, as I've been having problems ever since I installed my latest antiviral programme. More irritating than HAVING a virus, I swear... Roll Eyes )
Yep, Just played a bit round with my Graphic-program and voila a new Wallpaper was born...
Use it, print it or do what you'd like to do with it.

click it
LOL! what finnbo said!! well, now i have a reason to go visit that place! Wink excellent sandra! excellent! Big Grin
I can't get into any of the links. Can I get the screen savers and comic emailed Sandra?

great pictures Stasia, you lucky girl. Thanks for sharing them
Thanks to a gracious donation by Sandra, Finnatics is now proud to host the six legendary photo comics Where is Lester, The First Gig, The Red Socks, We Need Money, Lost in N.Y. and Mr. Finn�s Secret Diary at the URL above. Wink

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