I'm being dim here, but it is early in the morning so please forgive.

How does voting work? Have you got to nominate 5 albums and 5 reissues or can you just vote for Intriguer, and can you vote more than once?
you can just vote for Intriguer if you want to (as I did) and it also let me vote a 2nd time


I just posted this on Crowdies HQ too
Wow, that couldn't have been easier (just voted twice) Smiler ,

No signing up or registering rubbish just type in:

CROWDED HOUSE - INTRIGUER and click on vote.

My day just got brighter Smiler Smiler.

The voting deadlines are as follows:

Votes will be collected through 12 p.m. EST Dec. 27, and final results will be posted on Dec. 31. If you’d like to also leave some thoughts on why you chose your favorite albums of the year, feel free to go back to the voting page and leave a comment at the bottom.

So get voting Frenz it couldn't be easier.
Originally posted by thepearls42:
Hey, not that I'm complaining, but have you read the 'comments' board? out of 13 posts 10 are for Intriguer

- looks like you can comment more than once......
Yes, I just saw it. Great thanks and congratulations to Finngirl, Kittybear and all frenz who voted.

Ps. They even say in the beginning that its thanks to frenz forum.

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