My name is Jacqueline and I've been involved with Frenz of the Enz (including posting here on occasion under another username that got lost somewhere between the three house moves and two new computers I've had in past few years.) for about five years now.

I'm a third year media student at La Trobe University and this semester my major project is to produce a 20 minute radio documentary on the subject of my choice, I have chosen to do mine of Frenz of the Enz.

What I need are people who are involved in FotE to sit down for a informal interview about your experiences as a fan. The only catch is that you have to be in Melbourne as I don't have the equipment required to record phone interviews at broadcast quality, the interviews will take about 1/2 hour and will likely take place in April, however if anyone from interstate/overseas is coming in for Sound Relief/other reasons and wants to be a part of this I can interview you then as well. The interviews can take place anywhere you wish provided that it is quiet and accessible by public transport.

If you are interested in participating or want to know more about the project either PM me, reply to this thread or email me at: jacqueline.lauren.hope@gmail.com
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That is a minor problem yes, however I might get you to do a brief email interview as your relentless campaign to get Neil to Edmonton was truly inspiring:-) as well as being a highly relevant and interesting fan experience.
I still need at least two Frenz to participate in this project, if you are interested please PM, reply here, email me at: jacqueline.lauren.hope@gmail.com or call me on (03)9479-3411
Could you please give your name,your contact telephone number and address to Iarla,for confirmation and security purposes.As you know .. It is necessary to be very careful about one's safety .. And because we want everyone here to be safe.

Thank You
I now have the ability to record via phone so all you need to be involved in this project is a phone able to recieve calls from Australia, if you are intreested please contact me ASAP.


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