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Hey guys!

I'm gonna be visiting Te Awamutu this Saturday, and I was wondering if there is anything Finn-related that I should check out. I'm going to the museum, of course, but is there anything else I shouldn't miss? I'm so ridiculously excited for this trip!

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When I went a few years ago, the museum had a full exhibition of Enz/CH/Finn.  Unfortunately due to space, they don't have that anymore and you can access a 'digital' version.  That would be nowhere near seeing the items in reality.  They had industry awards, handwritten lyrics, stage clothes, rarities, contracts etc.  A shame it's not available for the public to see.

They will probably still have a sheet they could give you which is a map of the town with numbered places of interest (their childhood home, school etc)

Aww, that is a real shame! I’m hoping that the museum won’t be so crowded on a Saturday and I can pull my “look, I’ve come all the way from America” card... maybe they still have the stuff stored in the back or something. Fingers crossed. I mean, that worked with the security guards who left me alone to cry my eyes out at the soundcheck of Neil’s Auckland Arts Festival gig. You never know!

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