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Haven't posted in a long time over here. Thanks for the assessment of the different releases Geoff.

I want to add that TOTLM on vinyl, and a Dutch DMM pressing at that, kills the US CD version. I found the CD version to be overly bright without bass definition.

I finally got a US original of's a bit too bright for my tastes (in my system etc etc). I was quite surprised, it doesn't sound anything like the US debut album. Of the original CH Mk.1 albums, it's the only one I don't prefer to the (UK) CD. I wonder if your Dutch/Euro version might sound better? Of course, we are about to have another version to add to the list for comparison! So far, I only ordered Afterglow on vinyl, but that may change...

My new Lps arrived today. I've listened to Afterglow and Intriguer so far. They've even managed to improve the sound on Intriguer. clearer,  and warmer - the vinyl is clearly better quality too. the original copy was surprisingly not 180g it would appear... 

Phenomenal to hear Afterglow on vinyl! 


Geoffr,  you wanted my thoughts - I'd say highly recommended! 



Indeed It's all been somewhat confusing...

The reason for my surprise was Jeremy's update which said that: "UK and Europe: The CD Deluxes and vinyl will be released by next Friday Nov 11th. "Time On Earth" vinyl might be December. Downloads and streaming available now."

I appreciate that "by next Friday" does allow for an earlier release but the whole point of announcing a delay was because both CDs and vinyl weren't expected to be out on 4th.

It matters not, of course. They're out

Been working my way through the new vinyls. The debut and TOLM sound great to my ears. Just a question though, was there really not a custom inner for woodface? Seems a shame that all the other albums have really nice inner sleeves but Woodface just came in a cheapo standard inner.

Do you mean, were the originals like that? Yes they were, no custom inner for Woodface.

What I really would like to know is how the new albums compare with the original pressings. If there are improvements to be had over the originals, I need to go shopping again...

Would have been nice had they taken the opportunity to remedy that, but ah well!

Stuart, do you mind posting the deadwax info for the LPs you have, if you get a minute? Particularly interested to know what is going on with Intriuger, you reckon it's a new mastering, rather than just improved pressing quality?

I still haven't bought any of the reissue LPs aside from Afterglow. Is there consensus on how they compare to the originals? Actually I'd like to know, do the new (CH Mk1) LPs have the reduced dynamics of the CD remasters, or have they been compressed less? I could really go for TOLM if it has the remaster EQ but the original dynamics...

I'd also still like to know about TOE. Having missed out on a Parlophone the other day, I'd love to know how the Parlophone compares to the reissue (I'll just assume my ATO is the worst of the bunch...).

As an aside, am listening to The Sun Came Out again for the first time in ages. Definitely better than the painful CD, it could still be better, but it does actually has a few moments of magic...

I have Afterglow also Paul. Don't have the original b-sides so can't compare but it sounded nice on my system.

Really want to know about the other albums though, surely someone has done comparisons?

Gotta keep occupied until Out of Silence gets its LP release hehe

EDIT: were you inferring that the others would have the same reduced dynamic range as the CD remasters, or just that it was similar to the original Afterglow CD?

I seem to have developed a bit of a Temple problem lately:

I don't even have the reissue yet!

Clockwise from top left:

Japanese EMI-Toshiba w/ DDIO Live 7"
Australian standard pressing
Australian picture disc
US Pressing

My go to copy, despite the crappy sleeve, is the Australian standard pressing. It doesn't have the sparkle and occasional magic of the US, but it is better balanced I find, less fatiguing and less prone to sibilance. The US copy's high points are the best sounding of any of them, but the more polite Aus copy is better overall, at least in my system.

The Japanese copy is good too, but my copy is slightly noisier than my others, so it gets listened to less. Not really noisy, just some noise in a few spots - but the other copies are very quiet indeed.

The picture disc is one I don't listen too much. It was mastered by Alan Parsons, just like the non-picture version, although they do appear to be different cuts, judging by the deadwax, and while the standard version was pressed by EMI, the picture disc was pressed by CBS Australia - maybe EMI didn't have the apparatus for picture discs. Anyway, it doesn't sound quite as good as the normal Aus version to me for whatever reason, although it does look VERY cool when playing.

I would really like to know what the dynamics are like on the new vinyl for Temple - if anyone has a copy and can illuminate me, it would be much appreciated. I already have 4 LPs and 3 CDs of this album, so while I would love to buy it and find it has the new EQ but the old dynamics, I'm not keen on buying another copy without knowing first...

EDIT: Just had a listen to my Japanese copy, and it isn't as noisy as I remembered. Mind you, I did play the single first, then switched to the LP. I Feel Possessed sounded really weird at 45RPM...

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