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What do you reckon about the Crowded House Video Back Catlogue? The 2 (long form) videos they released were great, but could they be improved?

Personally I think they could re release I Like To Watch adding the videos from Together Alone (and Reccuring Dream) and possibly some videos of the band live (where they were always so good - and this comes from someone who's never seen them live). I think they could also re release Farewell To The World with a Limited Edition (Double) Cd of the whole concert. I also think that the video (FTW) should have the whole concert (including Weather and Throw Your Arms). Also i think there should be a compilation video of some of the band's Best Live performances - if not a video, then a Cd that would be avaliable to Everyone (ie not a limited edition) and if they were to do that, they'd have to make it a Double Cd.

Well, what do you think? Do you all agree?

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Excellent idea, I also think that the videos should be re-released and especially adding the Together Alone. The Farewell to the World should of had the whole of the show on as Pineapple Head wasn't even on the video (being an excellent live song) and I'm sure I saw it on the Set List that was on Paul's Drum Kit in the picture, inside the Video Cover.
a DVD version of all the videos, and the whole of Farewell would be the obvious next step, but Peter Green told me there was no interest from the record company... maybe we should all lobby EMI!

Notice how Farewell's track list on the back cover is literally a translation of the set list, so the long titles are truncated! Maybe there was a rush to get the video in the shops before tapes started circulating

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