I bet it will roll up everything up to Intriguer. Its a shame really as Time On Earth is Crowded House Mk2 and different to the first era of the band.

What do EMI / Parlaphone have to add to this. I cower at the thought of them adding Neil's solo and Finn Brothers stuff into the selection.
Looks like EMI is about to start exploiting the Crowded House back-catalog. Expect to see a lot more of this pip-squeezing now that the band have split with EMI and joined Universal.

I assume that EMI has the exclusive rights to all the CH back-catalog from the self-titled first album up until Time On Earth and is therefore free to re-package any of it as they see fit.

This is always part of the danger when a band splits with a major label.
They're just trying to take advantage of the promotion for the new record and the tour; it's a logical time to release another greatest hits package. You just have to wonder what's going to be on it - probably just stuff through ToE, since that's what they have control over.
Nice one!

I was thinking, it would be really nice if EMI released the fantastic "Making of Together Alone" documentary on DVD. You can see this docu on YouTube although the picture/sound quality is not so great.

I believe that it was only available as a limited promotional video at one time. It would make a really special extra on a 'best of' DVD don't ya think? Smiler

:edit: Oh yea OR included on the TA Special Edition as mentioned in another thread! Either way I'd be happy! Big Grin
I have been thinking about this and if it is simply just 2 CDs of singles then I shalln't bother. IF it has something worth buying like acoustic versions or live rarities then shall shell out for it.

I wonder if this will be just like the radiohead best of that got released and be 2 versions? 1 will be an abridged greatest hits and the 2nd will flesh it out with less successful singles.

Best of albums are a little bit of a waste of time now. When they shifted in volumes was in the pre itunes days. Today people can pick and choose what makes a best of buying the specific tracks they want.
Two discs is probably just a CD and a DVD - the DVD being the selling point for those who have the songs already, of course. They'll jettison the new tracks from Recurring Dream and add a few from ToE, and that'll probably be all. Nothing very exciting, in all likelihood.
I suppose the test will be whether the band choose to acknowledge this very very best of when they are doing their press and promotion.

Its hardly an inspired title "Very very best of" is it?

Do you think you'll bother with buying it Addidasman?
I think probably the best value and packaged best off I've ever got has been Tim's "North South". He resisted releasing one for many years. But when he did it had a very nice balance of solo, Enz and FB hits to satisfy casual fans. And a generous serving of re workings and new tracks for die hard fans.

It would have been nice to have an original from "Woodface" as opposed to all newies. But from a value for money point of view I can forgive Tim.
Yeah well it will only really be a very very best off if EMI negotiate with new label Universal to include at least one song from "Intriguer". I mean obviously it can't be a complete and very very best of if theres nothing from CH's latest album.

All we can do is wait and hope.
Originally posted by BART:
Originally posted by Andy Watson:
I don't see the point of it. Recurring Dream plus a few tracks from Time on Earth. Who wants that?

- the EMI moneymen!

Well i guess they've milked the Beatles back catalogue dry so over to CH
Originally posted by renzo:
I wonder what TOE songs would make it. Classifying a song as a greatest hit in today's world is quite confusing.

If She Called Up makes this CD I will be utterly baffled!
Well, the singles are usually culled for such endeavors, so She Called Up would be a likely choice; the fact that it wasn't a true hit matters not. So that'd leave Don't Stop Now, She Called Up, and Pour le Monde as the most probable choices, I should think.
Originally posted by dutchgirl:
Originally posted by BART:
Reckon the band ought to do a 'Squeeze' and re-record a best of (hey, this forum could choose what we think should be on it!) + a few new tracks & put it out on Universal.....

I like that idea

Like re-record "Distant Sun" and "Don't Dream It's Over"? If that's what you're talking about then I want nothing to do with it! Why re-record what are absolutely perfect songs to release what are bound to be less perfect versions? I find bands mostly re-record when there are major problems with the originals or copyrights issues. Barring those exceptions, I'll take remastered original recordings over re-makes anyday!
Originally posted by renzo:
In the Cd or 32 track form....surprised that Don't Stop Now not there.

- it's track no. 9 on the digital version, Renzo.

I quite like the artwork.....'bout the only positive thing I can think of to say, really!

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