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Lester, thank you SO MUCH for the additional information!!! I was really hoping that Neil would see what I'd written on the trailer (yes, that was me!) because I was so excited that I didn't get to thank him! You've brought me lots of joy!

You're right Martine, but I believe the line from the fortune itself was the one about "leave me defenseless" and that led to Neil remembering the "here's something that you can do..." line. I was hoping Pinahead could enlighten us by letting us know exactly what she wrote?? Hehehe....I had TWO of those fortune cookies myself, and kept the fortunes! Yipeeee!!!

Speaking of laundry...a few years ago, my best friend called me up from a laundromat on Yonge St. (Toronto) and says "hey Anne, you gotta get down here, Neil Finn is right next to me folding his socks and underwear!" and I actually heard the Rock God himself, laughing in the background.Just thought I'd share that tidbit of weirdness. Smiler
To bastardize a saying from Lurch of The Addams Family: Y'all rang? Razzer

Luckily, I remember that specific fortune... it was (altered somewhat from the original lyric to make it more fortune-like):

"Stop your complaining. Leave them defenseless."

This was one among maybe 50-75 others. A couple of my other favorites were "You're about to be the victim of a holy visitation" and "It's 3 a.m. and you're awake--go to bed!!" There were other more straightforward ones... I'd bet that if you went through Neil's and CH's lyrics you'd find plenty to include.

I can't add many other comments to what others have said about the concerts... Neil is an amazing man and creates really inspiring music, and his concerts are just these amazing, communal events. And Rhett... way too cute, talented, AND incredibly down to earth. What an evening!

And I must give mad props to the front-row gals from the Seattle show... Boardergurl, Sweet Secret Peace (the Texan!), Anne Francis, Joanna, and all the others that I was ever-so-briefly introduced to. You made the concert that much more enjoyable for me and I hope to see you again for the next go-round, if not before! Thanks for being so inclusive! (Oh, and Catherine... the interviews went well. We'll see if it means I end up in Seattle for good later this year). I wish y'all the best (esp. Boardergurl and family!)...
A couple of my other favorites were "You're about to be the victim of a holy visitation" and "It's 3 a.m. and you're awake--go to bed!!"
LOL.....I got the 3 a.m. one!!!! YAY!! I also got "Change your life. Never be the same." Big Grin I'm going to put them into my scrapbook!! Thanks for clarifying that line for us.....I thought fer sure Neil mentioned that line, which led to the "here's something that you can do" line. YAY!!

It sure was great meeting you too, lady! Seriously, the Frenz I met at these shows TOTALLY made the experience for me. And hey, let me know when you move to Seattle....I'll have to show ya the town! Wink

Gen & Maisy/Dez
Originally posted by Lester Lives:
[qb]We even watched the remains of the evening get launched into a dumpster, adding new texture to the nasty ambiance of the alley.

We didn't believe the Nettwerk person who said Neil was probably coming out the front, so we stayed put!

In other words, we waited until around 1 am.[/qb]
LOL! Well, I only half believed the Nettwerk chick, but I have to say that it was the stench of the alleyway that kinda sealed the deal for me... I love Neil and all, but: PEEE-YOOOO!! Hee hee. It was nice meeting y'all in the alley, though! So glad you got your stuff signed and GREAT avatar, BTW. Big Grin

Cool Pinahead! I've got my fingers x'ed that you'll get your wish (but are you sure you're ready to leave the swampy warmth of NOLA for that cold grey place?) P.S. Say 'hi' to your guy friend for me. He was very nice (afterall) Smiler
I was determined to get my uke signed this time since I missed him last time and regretted it. Reginold called me after I got home from that show and said "Guess who I'm standing with?" Mad

Glad you like the avatar, the original brings me more joy than you could possibly imagine, had to share. (Actually, most of you probably could imagine. I'm so used to being the only one in the universe who loves Neil Finn.)

Oh, and Sunny, it's a pic from the Vancouver show, it's not much, but will hopefully jump start Reg and Boardergurl. Razzer
Thanks Lester! You are soooo lucky!(but of course you know that).

I've been practicing "standing around" lately...I figure that if I'm going to be first in line again, AND wait around after the show, I'd better get used to being on my feet! Smiler

Vancouver was so much fun! Where's the rest of the pics everyone??

Sunny Wink
Uh�okay I get the hint�I'll get the Vancouver show pics up already. Wink I had to change the hard drive on one Mac and loaded on Jaguar onto the other one. I know, I know excuses don't cut it here. But then there was that pesky thing called "work" that I have to keep getting up for! Wink

Saturday is cleaning day so Sunday I will have something new up and will deliver the goods then!
Um ok, sad to say but even though I DID sneak my digital camera into the show in my sports bra (thanks to Amy in Portland for that idea!) I took ZERO pics at the Vancouver show. DOH! I know, I know.....BUT I have a nice selection of 15 or so from each of the previous NW shows, and I'll be posting them on my website in the next few days.......I'll try to get them up ASAP, but Maisy/Dezmond doesn't like for me to be on the computer for long periods of time anymore! hahahahahahaha..........she/he has OTHER ideas!

I like the sports bra idea, however, I just look down right silly in one� Wink

Hint: if you want to smuggle in a mini-disk recorder, just put it in a package of cigarettes. They are so small and they fit so nicely in there. An added bonus is that security never check cigarette packages. Just don't ask me how to smuggle in the mic. Big Grin

Hello all fellow Neil Finn fans. I've been reading your great reviews of one of the best...if not best concerts I've seen in my life.

And I've read some very kind and nice comments about the "fan" or "some guy" in the audience who helped Neil with the lost line from "Love this Life". Well...that person is ME!!!

I was hoping to get on stage and sing with him and even play guitar because it's a hobby and passion of mine. Ok, it's a dream of mine to be a singer.

Anyways, I didn't get to go up like what happened at the Vogue but I was still one-on-one with Mr. Finn himself who came up close to me on the stage to sing out the line.

I hope those of you who heard me didn't mind my singing.

Feel free to write back. Who knows...maybe I'll sing and play for YOU some day!
Where have I been? Obviously not where I should be...spending more time on this cool Frenz Forum site.

I knew about this site already but never took the time to read all the posts...I mean have you seen how many there are?

And so the night that I did post a reply, earlier that evening I was hanging out with a friend of mine and fellow Crowded House/Neil Finn fan and we were watching my taped "Crowded House Intimate & Interactive" that was done on Muchmusic in 1994, about a month or so prior to their concert here at the QE - which I might add also that I WAS THERE!

And so later in the night, much later I was on a Neil Finn high and was reading some postings. And the one that struck particular interest was the one about Neil's recent concert here. And so I'm reading these excellent reviews and some are talking about the "Love this Life" moment as a memorable highlight as well as mentioning about me! So I had to reply and let everyone know that it was me assisting Mr. Finn with this song.

So my apologies for replying late but better late than never!

And of the 2 concerts Neil did within the past year here, I definitely think the latter one at The Commodore was better! I think his vocal performance was stronger, the sound was better and he was more into it with the crowd and I think the overall "aura" of the show was better - especially that it was his final leg of the tour and having Sharon & Elroy there and even participating with him.

Don't get me wrong, BOTH were GREAT yet slightly different but if I had to pick one...Neil's February 2003 show!!!

Oh yeah!

P.S. - Can't wait to join Neil & Tim on stage to sing and play along when they come here on the next tour...I'm hoping I get lucky enough to do so!

Thanks for your reply!
and he was more into it with the crowd and I think the overall "aura" of the show was better
Wow, that is so different from my impression of the two shows. I thought the Feb. show was more, just one more to go and it's over , while the July show was more, good to see you again Vancouver.

The Feb. show was definitely more interactive, well at least for those of us at the front of the stage!

Who am I kidding? Both shows were great just in different ways.

I'll be racing you to the stage next show Razzer

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