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Well, despite an incredibly depressing day at work, a nasty virus, and the inability to meet up with Martine et al as planned (arrggggh, I'm soooo sorry!!!! Frowner ) , I still managed to have a blast at the show last night at the Commodore (with a few minor complaints about Rhett Miller fans). Smiler

First off, Rhett Miller was waaaaay better than Ed Harcourt: cuter, lots more energy, pretty good songs (abeit with a sameness), and enough taste to wear (what I think was) a Canada NHL (?) shirt for a sing-along on during the first encore.

Rhett Miller fans: did I happen to stand next to the exact same ones at one of the earlier shows in the US who were drunk, loud, and knew only the "Hey Now, Hey Now song"??? They were far more concerned with who was smoking the "Black Sheba" (their words) and making several runs to the bar than Neil Finn on stage. Fortunately they decided to wander off about half-way through the set, probably to reduce the distance to the beer.

As for Neil, he was brilliant as ever, naturally! Not much chat this time, which I suppose is fitting for an end-of-tour show. It was two hours of a good mix of energetic, solid, fun music.

I won't bother with duplicating the set list, since I won't be able to!!! The only non-Neil tune was a bar of "Pretty Little Hen" (methinks) while Trevor/Shon was tuning his guitar for his own song.


- Lisa Germano

- Elroy on FAYF (jeez, he looks so young for 15!!)

- The bus driver (can't remember his name) playing the drums for "Something So Strong" (again, I think it was SSS)

- My favourite moment: After singing "Love this life", Neil told us about how someone had made him fortune cookies the night before, each containing a line from one of his songs. One of the lines came from "Love this Life", which line I can't quite remember (it's early, I'm tired, so sue me Wink ). Neil said he could not for the life of him, remember where that line went in the song! It was quite funny, because he seemed genuinely perplexed. He commented that his brain/head was gone and it was time to go home (to which we soundly gave the thumbs-down). Some guy in the audience kindly sang the line for him in the context of the song, then we all sang the verse for him as it should be. Then Neil said something to the effect that we did a terrific job, then asked "What was that line again??" Awwwwww, he's sooooo cute when he's forgetful Big Grin

- "Gentle Hum" as the last song of the night: very lovely, as was "Love is All That Remains"

- No paper airplanes (or if there were, they were ignored), proferring of cell phones, or dancing on stage to distract from the show.

- Cool bass vibration thing that just rang through the bouncy dance floor and my body, giving me chills - can't remember which song it was

- A very good, tight band (my non-fan husband's comment, a thing that always impresses him along with the amazing, singing crowd Smiler )

Hair n' Pants report: Couldn't see his pants because of my height impediment, but he started off with a purple button-up shirt and a denim jacket, and switched to a blue, shiny (well, smooth like silk) button up for the encores. Hair was good, kind of from the days of CH

Hmmmm, I might have missed something, but I'll have to go get more coffee to get it out of my brain. Just want to say as my final comment: I can't wait for when Neil and Tim come 'round!!!

(Floating on Cloud 9 on the way to school...)
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Wow, sounds like a great show and thanks for the review! Neil was wearing a suti for most of the tour out on the east coast accept for encores when he took his jacket off. The jean jacket sounds a little more casual look. Probably good for him.

Did he make any mention to coming back soon?

Wow, I knew Elroy was about 15, but you are right - he doesn't look it! Shorter kid, round face. The again, Neil still looks pretty boyish.
What a treat to have seen Neil twice in a year, how lucky those of us have are. Wonderful show last night. It was my first time seeing Neil at a general admission gig. Unfortunately my pregnant body didn't fare too well, my feet killed me! But Neil is the only person who would get me out on a Monday night well past my bedtime. Afterall, I had to introduce my unborn child to the wonders of Neil. Leaving for NZ tomorrow morning, hoping Neil and Co. are heading home on the same flight!

I was impressed by Neil's heartfelt thanks to all those who have travelled to see his shows, either all of them or just a few. He seemed truely touched, but wondered why those who did aren't sick of him yet! I was also impressed by Neil's knowledge of all the Canadian cities between here and Toronto. To those Canadian cities who missed out, and he listed them all, he wishes he could have come to you as well.
Neil is such a cat. Great band. Great vibe. Great low bass frequencies (I think it was "Love Is All That Remains"). Great guitar solos. Great improvisations. Great energy . . . Neil was running around on stage in true rock god fashion. Great songs -- as ever. Great knowledge of Canadian geography (Neil knows that the Rockies are between Vancouver and most other places in Canada . . . which is better than some people from Toronto!) He mentioned Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal and promised to get to you next time. He called you "The Heartland."

He mentioned that he would be back with Tim (something he said last July too).

Something So Strong opened the night. I can't recall the order, or every song, but he also played:

Driving Me Mad
King Tide
She Will Have Her Way (which ROCKED!)
Last One Standing
Love This Life
Loose Tongue (which also ROCKED)
Last To Know
Love Is All That Remains
Fall At Your Feet (with Elroy on drums)
I Got You (With all key parts played on guitar)
Into The Sunset (very cool version)
Something So Strong (with the bus driver on drums and his guitar tech on guitar!)
Better Be Home Soon
Gentle Hum (Neil solo at the piano)

Gentle Hum had some really fine piano playing and nice closely clustered chords. For a while it sounded like the girl next to me was humming the theme from "Titanic" -- but there you are, maybe if Neil thumped his chest she might think he was Celine Dion.

I wondered if Lisa Germano was sick or something . . . she kept leaving the stage - mid song! Also . . . apart from Neil the band seemed to be pretty scruffily dressed. Lisa and Sebastian -- did they lose their luggage or something? Man, I look better when I'm going to bed.

Elroy played drums on Fall At Your Feet. He slowed down a bit, but hey . . . it was his third ever gig. Neil's wife, Sharon, sang backups from backstage (she was mic'd and you could hear her but she very mysteriously remained anonymous). Can't remember the tune. Lisa's voice was shot completely, maybe Sharon was covering for her (Lisa was not singing on the tune). Also, Lisa's solo tune was a bit of a train wreck. Poor thing. I think she must have been ill.

I sound like I'm bitching. I'm not. Neil seemed less into hamming it up for the fans and more into experimenting with his songs. Sebastian got a great upright bass solo complete with audience participation in the form of a clapping motif picked up by Neil on his guitar. Sebastian was also fantastic all night on his electric bass. Lots of lofty stuff. It was a mighty fine concert.

Sorry to hear about the unruly fans up front. The opening guy made me want to rush out and buy either a chain saw or a guitar with some tone to it. What did he string that thing with - barbed wire? I guess it explains all his shouting. Good enthusiasm, but crap songs. You can see that sort of thing on several street corners.

The sound was a bit muddy . . . AND WHERE WERE ALL THE CARNATION PEOPLE? I didn't see a single one of the "Frenz".

Catch you next time . . . at the Tim/Neil gig!

William Shakespeare
Hi Frenz,
well I too was unable to say hello to the red carnation bunch (too busy doing my job and didn't see them, where were you all?).

I hope everybody who came enjoyed both the show and venue.
Here, from my notes is the set list and show moments. Please feel free to add and correct

Now We're Getting Somewhere
King Tide
Locked out
Anytime (with Rhett Miller)

Intro Lisa and Sharon

Last to Know (all sit down during violin solo)
Neil introduces Lisa - the cat's recovering etc
To Dream Lisa's song (Lisa refers to her hoarse throat someone Neil? suggests singing a Horse song)

Pineapple Head Neil invites audience to "be" the electric guitar part. also breaks down to a Guitar and Double Bass duet near end.

Intros Seb on bass,mentions heartland of Canada, talks to Winnipeg Fan Martine was that you?
Intro Trev,Scott. then mentions Scotts "girlfriends" also Scotts Mum and Dad.
Thanks travelling fans

Love This Life
Neil talks about fortune cookies with lyric lines enclosed, the missing line in Love this life
Love This Life reprise with audience singing missing line.

Love is All That Remains (big bass vibrations)
Driving Me Mad gtr solo at end
Into the Sunset
Short chicken song while waiting for Trev to tune

Trevs song (title?)

Last one standing
Loose Tongue
Human Kindness
She Will Have Her Way (with Rolling Stones "Can't always get what you want")

Encore 1
Something So Strong (with Blair Camp bus driver on drums)
Turn & Run
I Got You

Encore 2
Fall at Your Feet (Elroys 3rd show on drums)
Better Be Home Soon (solo)
Gentle Hum (solo at piano)

Well I hope I got everything and helped nudge some memories.

Bonus stuff

Sound check songs were:
King Tide
Last to Know
Something So Strong (with bus driver on drums)
Faster Than Light (Neil on piano abbreviated version)

Gentle Hum was way more than I expected � goose pimple stuff. Also Love....Remains If this is and indication of Neils latest work I can't wait to hear what else he has coming up.

Also I only saw maybe two or three paper airplanes on stage after the show. I thought there would have been more than that.
Also no audience members ended up on stage.
Neils voice was pretty good. better than I thought it was going to be, after hearing about him being sick earlier in the tour. That's a bug that's going around Vancouver recently too.
What a trooper Neil.

Lisa mentioned she was well until she rejoined the tour. (Get well soon Lisa)

Steve Earle was fighting the same thing a couple of weeks back. but I digress....

A great show by Neil and Company

Best Wishes
Thanks, Teabag.

Good to have a sternographer at Neil's gigs! Lucky you to catch a soundcheck too.

I saw Sebastian strolling about the venue before the show. Question . . . did the sound guy test those bass frequencies during the soundcheck? It was quite remarkable that any of us had hearts thumping in our chests after that. It sounded suspiciously close to something the CIA might use for mind control.

Paranoid Shakespeare
Wow, Shakespeare. I know what you mean. Wasn't that a crazy sound? I can truly say I've never felt a sound (nor heard a sensation) like that before. Sebastian rocks Wink And 'Love is All That Remains' is such a gift.

Thanks for your reports, everyone. I loved the SF show. It seemed pretty low-key to me ~ perhaps because Neil was fighting a bug and perhaps because, well, it wasn't my first show. Lisa played and sang in fine form at that show. I'm sorry to hear later she wasn't feeling so well. I didn't ask who all had been sick, but sounds like most everyone (?). Who had the fortune cookies made (at Portland or Seattle?). Stroke of genius!

I love how creative we are each invited to be, and how motivated we are to connect and give back. It's a good thing. Razzer

~ Colleen
Bass Frequencies, part of sound check, it just happen to be the harmonic frequency of the walls!
yup, the sound guy tested them so they went to the edge but no more.
Calculated to add visceral impact to the tune.
It wouldn't have been as effective if it were like that the whole night.

The dance floor may not be as bouncy as before but I think you can get a good rattle out of the walls if you try. LOL

Now we know the secret bass frequency of the Commodore everyone's going to be trying that trick. I know on many nights I have strolled by the Commodore on the street. All of the windows are rattling away as one band or another bashes on overhead. I'm amazed nothing broke last night -- like the ceiling!

Forget "Love is all that Remains" try "Walls Are All That Remain."

Am penning this within the hour and half of arriving home to my Heartland city of Winnipeg.

KATHLEEN!!!!!!!!!! What happend to you lady????
We waited at Starbucks for an hour and then I ran up and down the lineup distrauht-edly (is that a word) waving my carnation looking for you!!!!!
I'm a so sorry we missed each other!!!!!!! I hooked up with boardergurl and sweetsecretpeace--had tried to find them all day too--poor dears were tired --they got into Van at 5 in the morning and then slept until 2:30--boardergurl's cel phone wouldn't work in Van (???) and I had her last name to give the hotel but they had registered under sweetsecretpeace's last name which I didn't know.

Next time we are going to be way better organized ok!!!!!

I'm so glad you had a good time anyway--didn't you hear Neil talking to me?????SCREAMMMMMM

Boardergurl and Sweetsecretpeace are in Whistler BC for the next few days and I know boardergurl is planning on posting as soon as she gets home.

A Big HELLO to our new friend Grant who found us at Starbucks by London Drugs, a real pleasure Grant--and to all the very very kind folks I stood with from Tongue in the Mail forum.

When Neil was saying he really means to hit the heartland next time, I kept waiting for him to say Winnipeg and he didn't, so I leaned past the poor girl in front of me who was directly under his mike stand and screamed WINNIPEG!!!!!! I could not believe it when he started going on about "I've been in Winnipeg when it's been 30 below!!!!" (newsflash, got home tonight and it's minus 12, not bad, but brutal after what? 14 above in Vancouver)

Having never seen Neil in the flesh before, I found I was sort of dumbfounded Eeker when he actually started addressing me, I'm not usually caught for words, the Gods were really smiling on me!!!

I have little to add re the show itself, the whole experience was so intense, I was sort of sad that he didn't do The Climber which is a song I just love, but I was very happy he did Gentle Hum as I understand from everyone that he didn't do that for the last two nights.

Well, I better end the essay here for now, phew!!!!
WHOA!!! I wasn't at the Vancouver show, unfortunately, but I was at Seattle the night before and...


He really mentioned those during the show!?!? I am floored... and speechless... and totally honored. I wanted him to pick them up during the Seattle show and maybe even pass them out like he did with Jackie's airplane cookies at the Seattle show last July, but he didn't pick up the bag on stage. I managed to hand them to him after the concert, but he didn't look inside the bag before he was whisked away onto the bus.

You know, as I was making those things (not easy! Norwegians shouldn't make fortune cookies!), I was wondering to myself whether or not the lines taken out of context would be hard to place. Apparently so. Razzer I was really wondering what he thought... and now I know! Thanks for posting about it--I didn't really get to meet him, but just knowing that he looked at the cookies and maybe even ate them... it's rewarding. WOO!

(BTW, good Seattle show... will post more under the appropriate topic...)

Not only did he mention your fortune cookies, he specifically asked that the 'grapevine' pass his thanks onto you!!!! He mentioned that he hadn't eatten them all yet (or was that cracked them all open) but he seemed very very very impressed with your ingenuity!!!!!! I think a girl off to the right of him said "I will!!!" or something like this and he turned and said "Oh, are you the one that made the cookies" and the woman said, "No, but I know who that is and I will thank her for you" and he said "Good"

So there's the story for you.
we are good good folks. i love us. we take care of each other. *rubs tummy contentedly*

i'm impressed with your ingenuity myself, Pinahead! hey, how do you make fortune cookies? (living in SF I guess I should know, as they were reportely invented here)

congrats on the cosmic neil nod. maybe it's cause I never had siblings, but all this banter warms my heart. yeay us!

Smiler Smiler Smiler
Shakespeare, you crack me up, yes I guess we are going on a bit ad nauseum.

Be Careful to Boardergurl because her and Catherine were going snow boarding or something after the Neil foofarah was over for them (3 nights in a row of Neil)

Yes, it occured to me today that people are saying Elroy looks very young for 15 when in fact, I'm sure I read somewhere that he was born in 1989 and I'm sure he hasn't had his birthday yet this year

And Grant!!!! You were not obnoxious at all, hope you got home ok though??!! Do you have a tape of the July 10 show? PM me if so ok.
Maybe we can trade. Big Grin

I was the poor girl under Neil's mike stand that you shouted "Winnepeg" at! I thought it was fantastic that he spoke with you! It was my first Neil live experience as well, and I had flown in that morning from Lethbridge, AB to catch the show.

I had such a great time, and met some very cool people! To Dina and her pals, Thanks again! Three hours to be the first in line was totally worth it, and a lot more fun because of the people I met! I thought I would be spending the whole time counting Neil's nose hairs, but not at all...I had a great view, and the music was...well...amazing, of course!

I'm still on Cloud Nine after that show, what an incredibly talented group he had with him.

Thanks again to everyone who was nice to the Finn Rookie at the front of the line!
Originally posted by boarderGurl:
[qb]Hey PINAHEAD .....I was the girl that Neil was addressing in the audience re: your fortune cookies!!!!! [/qb]
Me too, me too!! Cool I was right behind Gen... when he mentioned the cookies I hollered out (obnoxiously, of course) "Oh! Pinahead's cookies!" and he looked over our way and said something like "Ah, so you're trying to take credit for them, are you?" And I said "NO, but we'll tell her you got them!!!" ... etc.

I was so happy for you, Pinahead, as you seemed disappointed that your cookies hadn't gotten noticed in Seattle... Well, it turns out that they were very much appreciated after all, and not only were they yummy (he said), they were inspiring, too! YaY!!!! It was nice meeting you, by the way. (I hope your interviews went well!)

Martine, I believe I've already expressed this via PM, but you are so fun!! It was really nice meeting you, and I'm so glad we found you, even though we didn't come up with red carnations *sigh*. Big Grin

Also: Hi Grant! It was nice meeting you. You're a real honey. Smiler I'll never again see a Sleeman's without thinking of you (assuming I ever see a Sleeman's again at all--ha ha). And Maryann of the strawberry blonde hair and cool green Gore Tex: if you're reading this HI!! And to the rest of the TITM set: thanks for making the wait so fun! (Remember the Rhett Miller look alike crepe chef??)

Shakespeare: yeah! I know what you mean about the bass... wasn't that awesome? That vibe rattled through my chest especially hard at the Vancouver show because (to avoid further problems with the "front row neck" I'd picked up the two nights before) I chose a spot right in front of the speaker. Thankfully I took the waitress' advice and picked up a pair of earplugs at the coat check before the show. That was actually an awesome spot, because I could hear the niceties of the show much better: Lisa's vocals and violin (!!), Shon's guitar riffs in more detail, etc.

I know this will seem very "girl fan" of me, but even though the music was PHENOMENAL, throughout these three shows (Portland, Seattle and Vancouver) I was most impressed by how acknowledging and accomodating Neil is of his audiences. He makes a really good hero, that one.

Ok's the scoop as best as I remember it! Thanks to you, I had one-on-one Neil contact at all three shows!! I was only 2 people or so from the stage, but WAY over on Shon's side.

After Neil played "Love This Life" he mentioned your fortune cookies and how he wanted to thank the person who made them and I started screaming like a mad woman!! I guess Catherine was behind me and screamed as well?? I dunno....too focused on Neil! All of a sudden there was a spotlight on me, the crowd between Neil and I opened up, and he said "You made them, then?" At which point I stopped my fanatical screaming and yelled "No, no..." That's when Neil said "Oh, just trying to take the credit?!" LOL Then I said that I knew who made them, and I'd thank her for him!! WOOHOO!!!!

He went on to say that he appreciated them becaue he got one with the line from Love This Life about "Stop your complaining, leave me defenseless" and how he's been leaving that line out of the song for YEARS and really couldn't even remember where the line actually went!! So somebody right in front starting singing, and Neil KIND of remembered....then he had Shon play the appropriate chords, and the sing-along began!! And it's all because of YOU!!!! Great Job!!!!

Nice to meet you in Seattle by the way.....we were starting to get worried about you!!

It was also really great that Neil thanked the people who'd gone to multiple shows.....he said it was really great to see familiar faces in different cities!! What a guy!!

At the risk of annoying Shakespeare by re-animating this particular part of the thread, wasn't the line Neil has been forgetting"

"There's something that you can do, even if you think I hate you" ?????

Remember a fellow yelled it out after Neil mentioned there was a line he's been missing and
Neil got a really big kick out of it??

From me who is bewildered that this happened only 7 daze ago..............
So tell us Lester, where exactly were you all when Neil came out? The bus was parked in front of the Orpheum and Boardergurl, sweetsecretpeace and I wrote in the dust on the back of the uhaul (do I really really want to be admitting this)

Anyway, yes boardergurl wrote "thanks for naming my baby" in the dust and I wrote "COME TO WINNIPEG!!!!!" (what else)

Then it occured to us since it was the last night of the tour, Neil wouldn't be getting back on the bus (except to obviously unload his laundry)
So we all wandered back to the alleyway behind the Commodore.

Now I saw a blonde girl in the back lane holding a guitar but I do not remember a fellow standing around with a ukelele!!! Not that I'm doubting you were there because you obviously were, maybe just not when we came through.

Sorry to be so detail hungry!
We waited long enough to lose the feeling in our toes. My hands were so frozen I couldn't play my uke anymore.

We said good night to the waiters.

We buzzed Lisa and let her know her cab had arrived.

We even watched the remains of the evening get launched into a dumpster, adding new texture to the nasty ambiance of the alley.

We didn't believe the Nettwerk person who said Neil was probably coming out the front, so we stayed put!

In other words, we waited until around 1 am.

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