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It's just the first two letters of my first, middle, and last name, squished together

Ooooh, using the "Merujo Rule" mine is:


.... not the best -- sounds like I'm saying "ew" after making a mocking/whining adaptation to Neil's/Tim's/Liam's/Elroy's surname!?

On the other hand it does sound a wee bit Scandinavian and if is was such a word, I truly hope it doesn't mean anything horrendous!!!
I'm coming to this party very late, having unwittingly missed out on these remote corners of the boards till now ...

Watney Sideburns is the name of a band I was in when I was still living in New Zealand back in the mid-80s. That name was a bowdlerization of a curiously titled funeral directors' establishment in Auckland, Watney Sibuns. I've stuck with the name because I like it, but also because its initials are the same as those of the writer who is at the centre of my professional life. (I'll leave that suitably cryptic!)

But if I were to abide by the Merujo Rule, I'd be Jogiha, which sounds like the name of a dubious Indian swami. Perhaps the kind who invites rock stars to his exclusive ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas when he's not traveling around the world in his private jet, dispensing platitudinous wisdom to his beautiful groupies.
Originally posted by EllenM:
If you leave cryptic words on the internet you can bet on it that someone will try to solve the riddle. A rough guess: William Sewell?

Hi EllenM! Nice new avatar, by the way.

Jogiha, in all his otherworldly sageness, says: nope, it's not William Sewell. But you got the first name right! (Nice guess, though, given William Sewell's Kiwi connection: I just looked him up, and apparently his younger brother Henry migrated to New Zealand and became its first prime minister in 1856).
Merujo's rule has me as Vasuto, which sounds to me like a Polynesian island (antipodean Frenz will put me straight).

I lurked here on the Forum for years, and the pleasure (and sometimes shrieks of laughter, sometimes weepy moments) I've had from reading everyone's views and experiences has a lot to do with my user name. It's also to do with my daughter, who first got into Finndom when she was 8 at the time of the release of EIH. She's pretty musical and became obsessed with the album, once saying: "Don't you think, Mummy, this music is so *perfect* it just makes you want to cry?" Since then she's caught up on everything, and now at 13 is mining the whole Enz back-catalogue and listening to Enzology podcasts (thankyou Jaffaman). So I'm experiencing all her pleasure and discoveries myself.

BTW she's never forgiven me for not taking her to the Colston Hall Bristol to see the Finns in Oct 2004, but we're off to Bush Hall on 3rd Feb, with a 2am return home and school the next day . . . .

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