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Chicago for sure, maybe Minneapolis too. I’m surprised at the venue…the Chicago Theater seems quite large for them (3600 capacity). I last saw them in 2007 at the Pabst in Milwaukee which has less than half the capacity. I can’t imagine they are hotter now than 2007 so it seems a weird choice… I don’t imagine them selling tickets as well as John Mayer or the major comedy acts that have played there recently

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I'm sad they're not playing Atlanta, as they (and Neil) usually do and there's obviously some history here. 

Thinking about going to Nashville.... I saw this on the Axs site.  I wonder how much extra those tickets are.  I already have the lp, and I doubt there's a bad seat in the Ryman:

Crowded Dreamers Are Waiting Package

Special offers and exclusive packages from the artist.

  • One premium reserved seat in the first 10 rows
  • Specially designed Crowded House long sleeve shirt
  • Limited edition Dreamers Are Waiting vinyl
  • Custom Crowded House tote bag
  • Exclusive merchandise item
  • Commemorative Crowded House laminate
  • Limited availability
Offer Begins: Wed, Apr 27, 2022 - 10:00AM CDTOffer Ends: Tue, Sep 6, 2022 - 10:00PM CDT

Does anyone know if there are presale codes available outside of the American Express cardholders option? I’m in Toronto now and hoping to get seats before the public sale, but not sure what’s happening now that Peter’s not operating the club. Took it for granted that we always used to get these things back in the day ❤️

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The Dreamers Are Waiting package in Nashville was $271 (plus charges I'm sure).

Anybody have a link to other Nashville presales?  I am not paying $600 for a pair at that package price.  I'll be able to get good seats without that I imagine, and the other stuff in that package isn't worth it to me.  If a meet-n-greet or soundcheck was part of the package I'd think about it.

Remember when life fan club membership got you 1 trip to a soundcheck?  I let my membership drop about 10-12 years ago and don't know if the fan club is still around, and if so if that option is available.

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Paid same as Brownie! Crazy!

I did not pay it.  So far I have bought no tickets because they’re all too expensive for what you get for your money, IMHO.

Maybe if I was going to one show this year, I’d pay it.  But I’ve already bought tix to 7 other shows this year for other artists, and the vault is approaching empty.  Mind you, adding up six of the shows I’m going to would total just one of those of crazy package tickets.  

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Got a pair at face value for the Nashville show, and was surprised that even though I'm pretty far on the side, about halfway back in the balcony, the price before fees was $103 each.  There were a few at $73 for the last rows of the bottom level under the overhang.  Much like everything else these days, that was a significant price jump from past CH/NF shows I've seen in Atlanta.

Regardless, I'm SO happy I have tickets!  And I'm proud of myself for resisting the urge to get better seats through the official premium or resale offers that were available.  This event was done through AXS instead of Live Nation or Ticketmaster but it operated much like those.

Now I just have to figure out travel details and then start counting down the days....

bought tickets for Portland, I think they are second row on the floor but I didn't pay close attention at the time since I was running around at work. stoked to see CH x 2 this year! any Frenz in Berlin or Portland who'd be up for a pre-show gathering, hit me up! (also, if anyone needs a ticket for Berlin I have an extra)

to those of y'all going to the Ryman, I'm jealous! used to live in Nashville and that is one of the best venues for acoustics and just general coolness

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