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From today�s message from Neil�

�Its been a slow and deliberate build up towards this Finn brothers record but we are about to go code red with Tony Visconti in upstate N.Y. We are taking tall and rakish Bones Hillman( ex Swingers and Midnight Oil ) to play bass & chuckling Ross Burge -ex Muttonbirds to play drums�.

Anyone know where in upstate N.Y.? Don�t worry, I�m not going there to track them down (hmmm, then again�)! Wink Razzer Wink
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Upstate NY?


These are both places I've been (relatively, for this formerly rather un-world-travelled Aussie) quite close to in the last six months.

But feel free to lead or mislead us some more, Peter... I, for one, will travel unimpeded throughout the States (or the world, for that matter) having been unaffected by the news.

Well, I grew up in Melbourne during the era of Crowded House, being a fan but remaining sane... didn't I? (anyone who happened to know me way back when, feel free to stay silent on that one!)

I'll see the Finn brothers live when I see them... (and for that matter, I'll buy the CD when I have a CD player to put it in!)

I figure the boys do better when I'm not there to bother them Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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