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We're looking at broadcasting it on National Radio during NZ Music Month in May next year. By that time National Radio will be broadcasting on FM in the main centres, so there's one consolation for the delay!

In Auckland, you can hear National Radio on 101.4 mhz on FM or channel 101 on Sky Digital. There might be a stereo broadcast on Concert FM at a later date (National Radio is mono only.)

Sorry, National Radio doesn't webcast at the moment due to cost and copyright difficulties (it's a public radio station funded by the NZ tax payer and we don't have funding for webcasting to other countries. It's a lot of data flow to pay for. Even the BBC's thinking of reducing the amount of webcasting they're doing.)

There will hopefully be a website devoted to the series with info and a few photos. I'll let you know when it's online next year.

Producer of de long-promised National Radio Split Enz series
There's a slight possibility that this documentary series might be allowed to be streamed online after all. No promises, but it's being investigated. Cool
I'll keep you posted as we near the broadcast date.

Rare Enz tapes are still being uncovered in various basements and cupboards - live recordings, home demos, rehearsals - so there's another good thing about the delay (this thing was originally planned to air for the 25th anniversary in 1997! ) It all helps to illustrate the Split Enz story.

I've almost finished recording the interviews, meaning I can finally assemble the programmes in the New Year Eeker

Not this time around. Too much already on the Enz plate for next year.

2004 will see the release of the second Finn album, the remastered "True Colours", maybe a fanclub "Luton" CD and, with any luck, PG's Crowded House DVD. I don't think anyone's going to have time to help me sort out a rarities CD.

But I'm sure we'll see a lot of these treasures released via the fanclub eventually, eh Peter?

Well, failing that, can you include entire versions of rarities in your doco - like the acoustic versions of Under the Wheel that M Chunn said were lying around at Mandrill etc?

Other radio docos (wireless - early 70's) have rare pieces playing in the background and only then in part.

Out of interest did Phil Judd grant you an interview?
I knew this subject would come up... fair enough too.

Unfortunately, if every track was played in full, we'd never get though the story. Some things that need to be included in the story have to be played only in excerpts or we'd bore the pants off everyone but the most die-hard fans Razzer

For example, I've got to play the single release of "I See Red" because it's a major Enz track. But I also want to include the Nambassa version due to Tim's altered lyrics that refer to the fire . They're both great but you can't play the same song in full twice in one programme, so one of them will have to be played only in part.

Many rarities will be included because they illustrate the song writing process, the fun and frustrations at rehearsals or the band's ability to continue playing live while one key member's disappeared from the stage(!) but they don't all warrant more than a brief airing.

I've heard that "Split Ended Wireless Special" too and would love to have heard the full violin and guitar demo of "Time for a Change' that plays behind Tim. But it wouldn't have worked in the programme. (Actually, I'd love to include it in my programme too but I haven't been able to locate the original demo yet.)

I hope my explanation makes sense. As a fan I want to make this as richly rewarding for fellow Frenz as possible while at the same time remembering that I'm not broadcasting a rarities album. It's a documentary about NZ's most important and fondly regarded band of the 70's and 80's Smiler This thing has to flow smoothly... so we'll see how we go. I'll definitely keep your request in mind, Incognito.

Yes, I interviewed the Fuddster.

Incidentally, I've now got about 45 versions of "I See Red" to choose from and 29 of "Time for a Change"...
I take your point Jaffaman. The Letters to my Friends doco had only full versions of songs - most of which were readily available elsewhere. And I admit to only being interested in the interviews.

The songs on the Wireless special were mixed behind interviews and were frustrating to listen to. Guess you dont have to play whole songs but surely some things would be worthy.

This is why I think a rarities CD could easily be put out with the series. I would have thought that the your radio station could organise this together with the band. The club could assist with distribution or whatever.

This just seems too good an opportunity to pass over.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing the show and thanks for putting it together.
Guess 'easy' is the wrong word. What I meant was good timing - that the show promotes the CD and visa versa.

Mental Notes' 30th is approaching and I recon a remastered re-issue together with extra CD of unreleased tracks, demos, interviews etc would be great. I keep hearing about lack of sales not making this not a 'hot' item but I think in NZ it would be a different matter. Anyway - this is art for art sake. How about another Govt grant?

At the time of Mental Notes release the Enz were a bunch of unknown weirdos - now the Finns, Rayner, Chunn and Judd are known far and wide. With a bit of promotion, nostalgia, a 'where it all began' CD, tour, radio doco etc etc.

Heck - that'll give you a couple more years to put it together....shouldn't have mentioned it.
You're right, it would be great to tie in the radio series with an Enz CD release. Back in 1999 there was talk of an Enz DVD being made ready for Xmas and wouldn't it be great if the radio series came out at the same time and... well, um... both kinda missed that deadline. Roll Eyes

This is a series I always knew would take a long time and didn't want to rush. I'd also hate to see a rush-job done on a companion rarities CD, which is what you'd probably get if one came out next year (2004 being my definite, self-imposed deadline for the radio series.) I'm working solo on this project and only for a few hours a week, hence the lack of lightning speed.

Now... a remastered "Mental Notes" for 2005 with bonus tracks? That seems feasible! I'll certainly be suggesting this idea to the various powers that be. The radio series will be repeated again at least once after the first airing, so that could well tie in with the CD. Wink
Originally posted by Jaffaman:
[qb]Now... a remastered "Mental Notes" for 2005 with bonus tracks? That seems feasible! I'll certainly be suggesting this idea to the various powers that be. The radio series will be repeated again at least once after the first airing, so that could well tie in with the CD. Wink [/qb]
Eeker Eeker Eeker Eeker Eeker Eeker

That would be the coolest thing since... Mental Notes. Wink And keep up the awesome work, Jaffa. I'll definitely be tuning in to hear the show.
Thanks, Neo.

Of course, I should say that it's not really my place to say whether a big, expensive job like the remastering and marketing of an album is possible or not. That's up to the record company and the Enz themselves. I'm in no way part of the inner circle, but I can suggest this idea to those who are.

To put all this back into a perspective, refer to the previous discussion on "Mental Notes": Mental Notes Extras. Peter Green knows from experience the difficulty of getting this sort of thing off the ground.
Ah, perspective. It ruins everything. Wink

Such hypocrisy - it was voted the #1 NZ album of all time, yet there just isn't a lot of interest there. But it really is a work of art, and it should be appreciated by more people. A remaster would certainly eliminate all the problems people seem to have with the sound quality, and make it more accessible to modern ears - there are people who can't get past the supposedly poor production (I've never heard anything wrong with it, but I'm biased). Surely with a bit of promotion it would sell? It's a piece of Kiwi music history. It deserves love. Wink

Though whatever happens, it's the original we fell in love with. We love it for what it is, not what it would sound like if it was remastered, so we really lose nothing if it doesn't happen. Still, it would be nice, even if only for the possibility of bonus tracks.

Anyway, us Mental Notes fanatics have hijacked this thread, so no more discussion of remasters. This is about the radio show. Razzer

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