With the Finn Brothers UK/Irish tour starting in just over four weeks, just wondered if any pre- or post gig meet-ups are planned? Who is going to which show?
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My husband and I are going to the Edinburgh show. I'm so excited as this will be my first time of seeing either of them.... Raise The Roof 2

We're going to the first Dublin show and will probably be in Dublin in time to get some tea out somewhere first........
The Olympia's near Temple Bar isn't it? There's bound to be a place for a meet-up thereabouts but my knowledge of Dublin is a bit limited.
Have a good time everyone - I'll be in Florida when they visit Liverpool: hope the audience give the Finns the reception they deserve.

I've seen CH in Liverpool, and Neil solo in Manchester, and I know where I'd prefer to be; sorry to any Manchester Finn fans but Apollo audiences are so boring Frowner
I'm going to London on 5th (I even have a spare ticket, but that's another story); I take it there's a meet-up planned here. Sure Hammersmith is not the centre of the universe, but I would love to meet some of the people I have been posting to/with for the last few months. Putting names to faces, etc.

I'll be at the first two London gigs (5th and 6th) and the Edinburgh and Glasgow gigs. I know there was some talk in another thread about going to a veggie restaurant (next to the theatre) before the gig on the 6th (at that time we thought it was going to be the last UK gig...), not sure if that is still happening?
I'm going to the London gigs on my own, so I'm definitely in for a meet up Smiler Going to the E'burgh and Glasgow gigs with Mistify, I'm sure we wouldn't mind a meet up there Big Grin
neil and i are going to the last two london shows (coming back from florida on the a.m. of the 6th so we'll miss the show on the 5th, wah!)

also going to newcastle where i hope to meet up with tonguetied again and meet dr hfuhruhurr

and we're going to glasgow and edinburgh

then i'll start waiting patiently for another neil solo album Big Grin
Re: Dublin. Anyone planning to fly in for the gig,
Take my advice - Steer well clear of Temple Bar for a meetup. I don't know of one pub the whole area that A)Isn't ridiculously overpriced and B)Has any character whatsoever.

I might make a few suggestions closer to the time of a meetup place. If anything get's organised will give directions to a few decent pubs close by!
Re: Dublin - there must be a few decent pubs between Dublin Castle and the area around Christchurch cathedral...is Mother Redcaps still there? Maybe the International Bar on Wicklow Street?

Our hotel is on South Great Georges Street so the Finn gig is about the shortest walk in the world for us Smiler
I was just about to suggest The International.
The basement of the international was a regular hangout during my student days - They have a very good jukebox. and good pints of Guinness.

Mother Redcaps is indeed still there - But considering it's a bit of a walk, and involves crossing on of the most dangerous sets of traffic lights in Dublin to get there - I was going to suggest giving it a miss. Which is a shame. It's a decent pub.
Re: DUBLIN Gig 02/11/2004.

The basement of The International on Wicklow Street around 5.30 ish is where i'm heading.

Wear a Finn related t-shirt if you have one.

Show of hands?

And will crudely draw a map to said establishment on napkin and scan it if people need it.
hi iarla,

i might make it to the international, but am not sure i will (seeing that I am bringing a non-fan to the gig... I don't think he will want to). I might still make it by myself... he knows where the Olympia is Smiler

Then again - I don't see anyone else has promised to make it down... are you still going to the International bar?
There doesn't seem to be much of a show of hands, so I'd say it'll be a case of meeting up after the show as opposed to beforehand. I'm B19 in the circle if anyone wants to find me!

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