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waiting for Tim's UK/Ireland/European tour dates to surface. Tim and his promoters are in danger of being left behind as most of the half decent venues are being snapped up already as a lot of groups have announced March tour dates. It's also frustrating as you never know whether you're okay to book tickets for other gigs thus running the risk of a possible double booking. Any chance we can have some dates even if we can't have specific venues ?
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Originally posted by ::iarla:::
Originally posted by Ken:
Yes should of had some dates by now which has me kinda worried -guess Dublin would be the Olympia or Vicar Street?

It'd probably be The Olympia or maybe even The Village. Vicar Street is run by Aikens and the Finns gigs have always traditionally been MCD gigs.

-ok then my money is on the Village.
Non of these are on sale yet, or at least not through the usual outlets. The info posted so far has been dug up by Finn-attics who regularly trawl the ticket sites when a tour is imminent in the hope of getting a head start on the more casual punters. Hopefully Peter will e-mail everyone and post on the Forum very shortly with the full schedule. Another date that hasn't been mentioned is Utrecht in Holland on 8th March. I've gleamed this info from e-bay where someone is touting a ticket for this date at £45 !!!!
This is all I have....pretty sure they are confirmed...just received them today.feel free to correct any spelling errors as I just copied this from the work sheet.

1st-Denmark-Copenhagen-Amager Bio
5th-Germany,Cologne-Prime Club
10th-UK-Cardiff-The Point
11th-UK-Warwick, Arts Centre
12th-UK-London-Shepherds Bush Empire
14th-UK-Edinburgh, Queens Hall
15th-UK-Leeds,City Varieties
16th-Ireland, Dublin-The Village
17th-UK-Milton Keynes, The Stables
19th-UK-Manchester(Salford)-Lowry Theatre.

Tickets should be on sale about now, some Venues may be slower, just check with the usual ticket agencies or the venue itself.
Hope this helps

P.S.-rememebr to always check:
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The Lowry is okay, but for me it's surprisingly tacky for such a new venue. We saw Sparks there recently. The stalls seating is flat, so if you're a tad on the small side you have the choice of being near the front and cricking your neck, or running the risk of being further back and having someone block your view. This is the choice I have to make with regard to my other half as she is only 5' 0'. This time she'll have to crick her neck as I've plumped for Row D.
Adding to the questions; does anybody know anything about the Milton Keynes date?
I rang The Stables box office and got flat denials and a 'never heard of him before' reply, not even the standard 'sorry we haven't had that confirmed' response. In fact they've got somebody else booked for the 17th, so I'm quite confused (the 18th looks free though from their website??).
Cardiff and Warwick are both happily selling tickets though.
Woo-hoo! Good news everyone!

I'm on the mailing list for the Queen's Hall here in Edinburgh, and just 45 minutes ago received their latest programme.

Opened it up, saw Steven Seagal's picture, had a smirk to myself, eyes drifted right, did a big Laurel and Hardy James Finlayson double take - Mr Tim Finn, on 14th March, just a couple of days before my 50th birthday.

I got right on the phone and booked my tickets. Excellent! QH is a great venue, small and intimate, with great acoustics. I go regularly to jazz and classical concerts there. To see Tim in such a small hall will be brilliant.

So I've now seen Neil at the Corn Exchange, Finn Bros at Usher Hall, I'll catch Tim at the QH...hopefully Crowded House will visit Edinburgh, hopefully Usher Hall as the Finn Bros gig there was superb. And that would only leave Split Enz for me to see.

I hoped they'd be coming after the success of their gigs last year, but with CH on the agenda, Enz in Edinburgh might be too much to ask any time soon.

But one thing at a time - Tim Finn at QH! With a jazz gig by Essborn Svensson Trio on the day after my birthday, I'm looking forward to a great few days of celebration. Big Grin
Texas Rose,

I'm hoping he'll be on top form. Tim got quite a bit of exposure for Imaginary Kingdom here in the UK, including interviews on a few web sites.

I was a bit concerned when I saw footage of the band on I think it was Tiscali, playing 3 or 4 numbers in what looked like a musical instrument shop. Tim was well out of tune a few times. Maybe there wasn't much monitoring so he couldn't hear himself properly.

Hopefully his voice will soar wonderfully on this tour. Astounding Moon is surely inked in on the set list.

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