Wow, hot on the news of the True Colours anniversary edition, it seems that Demon Records in the UK is going to issue special coloured vinyl LP's of the UK Mental Notes (Second Thoughts down under) and Dizrythmia! Demon Records (whoever they are) must have licensed them off Chrysalis Records.


"Was anyone really waiting for the Split Enz box?" -- Rolling Stone

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Wow - this is cool. 2020 is going to be a bumper year for Enz related music lovers and collectors. Multiple True Colours vinyl resissues, Mental Notes2 and Dizrythmia vinyl resissues, Finn vinyl release, new Crowded House album and Forenzics (or whatever it will become) album!

I wonder if Eddie and Phil Manzanera did the remastering together on Mental Notes...

Has anybody picked these up yet?? Mine are in transit but could be for a while with the current state of the NZ postal service.

I see both these releases are now available in NZ, due for release tomorrow. Too bad, I ordered them from the UK, so they could still be weeks away.

Had a listen to Dizrythmia today. Revelatory. Heard all sorts of things for the first time. Beautiful dynamics, No more ear fatigue from the brick walling on the CD. Nice aesthetics for the artwork. No download card unfortunately. Saving Mental Notes for tomorrow.

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