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It's hard to believe that it will soon be two years since we said goodbye to our beloved Paul.

So much has happened in that time...from the Split Enz reunion shows to the naming of Paul Hester Walk and of course, the unexpected reformation of Crowded House.

One thing's for sure though and that is every single Crowded House show will honour and celebrate the memory of this truly amazing man. Naturally gifted, immensely talented, a comical genius....

We miss you Paul.....our black and white boy, but your spirit will live on in so many different ways.

Thank you for everything that you gave.

May you continue to rest in peace.


______________________ "We aim to please!" Neil Finn, Melbourne, 3/12/08

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Sunday the 18th marked 18 years since my one and only Crowded House live performance. Exactly a half a life-time ago! No matter how sometimes I try to dig my nails in and hold time back, it stubbornly marches on...

Strange as it may seem, I occasionally think about Sunday & Olive, and feel sad that they are on the path to becoming young women, and that Paul wasn't able to find the strength to be there for them. Whenever a child loses a parent, it is tragic, but when it is suicide, how many years must it take to understand and accept?

Wishing peace and happiness for Hessie's loved ones.
Lovely message Ash, thanks so much.

Yes, it's hard to believe how much has happened in the last 2 years; I saw my very first Split Enz concert last year (I missed all their reunions during the '90s) and now CH are reunited.

And of course I was 8 months pregnant when Paul passed away and I can hardly believe my little girl will be 2 soon. She watches Paul almost every day on her Wiggles dvd and sometimes it's hard to watch his antics and realise he's not here anymore.

Rest in peace, Paul.
Hessie, I miss you more than John Lennon. RIP.

Together alone
Above and beneath
We were as close
As anyone can be
Now you are gone
Far away from me
As is once
Will always be
Together alone

Anei ra maua
E piri tahi nei
E noha tahi nei
Ko maua anake
Kei runga a Rangi
Ko papa kei raro
E mau tonu nei
Kia mau tonu ra

Together alone
Shallow and deep
Holding our breath
Paying death no heed
I'm still your friend
When you are in need
As is once
Will always be
Earth and sky
Moon and sea

Maori Chant

Anei ra maua
E piri tahi nei
E noha tahi nei
Ko maua anake
Kei runga a Rangi
Ko papa kei raro
E mau tonu nei
Kia mau tonu ra


Here we are together
In a very close embrace
Being together
Just us alone

Rangi the sky-father is above
The earth-mother is below
Our love for one another
Is everlasting
Originally posted by Alx:
Peter Green found a photo which he asked for iarla to put on the front of the Crowdie Frenz site...
It's on the main page... the best way to remember him Smiler

Just took a sneak peek at that photo. Smiler And staring up at it, I finally thought of something to add.

The anniversary is drawing near,
since the final goodbye and causing us to grieve.
Feelings stirred never rest,
for you chose your time to leave.
The beat from your silenced drums,
still heard like the rattling of tin cans.
Rest In Peace Paul and the three 'f's will never forget you...
Family, Frenz and Fans.

Ok. If that poem doesn't make sense, you can blame it on the fact that it's 2:57am here and I'm tired. Roll Eyes Came up with it on the spur of the mo. Smiler
I've only been so immersed in Crowded House for about a year now, but Paul's passing has definitely impacted me. It was such a loss to not only the music world, but the lives of many fans, friends, and family who were a part of his life. He was a great drummer, talented and hilarious comedian, and just an all-around wonderful man, and it saddens me to think I'll never be able to see him play.

Over the last few weeks, lines and bits and pieces of a poem about Paul have been coming to me, and I've kept a bunch of notes so I could write something to honour the memory of this great man. So I'd like to share the end result with you all (if you don't mind). With any hope, it will give you the peace that it's given me to get through this weekend.

A drummer from Down Under
Holds his treasured brushes astray
In honour of a fallen friend
Who's passed away today...

A lifetime in the spotlight
Sharing talent near and far
Along with two of his best mates
Shining brightly, they were stars

Quirky with a certain charm
The sets he tried to climb
Front of stage with Nick and Neil
Keeping everything in time

Harmonies to still the breath
Technique unparallelled
Humour and amazing tunes
He did successfully meld

But moving on, it had to come
And Paulo said goodbye
To be a dad and a Melbourne boy
With family on his mind

Yet he battled through a terrible thing
Depression had set in
And though he did not understand
He felt he couldn't win

And now his memory, we hold dear
We'd never dare refuse it
His gracious spirit is forever here
Just listen to the music

Santa suits and microphones
The Largest Living Things
Hessie's Shed and Crowded House
Split Enz and angel's wings

His brush strokes echo across the sky
With a laugh to wake the world
Goofy winks and smiles at angels
A legacy unfurled

The Crowdies call him Paulo
And Hessie's common too
No matter what you wish to call him...
...Paul Hester, we miss you.

Rest in peace, Paulo.
It's hard to believe it's been two years. My heart will always go out to Paul's friends and family.

I actually had a dream about Paul about a month or so ago. I've never shared it before, but this might be a good time to do so. It's not uncommon for me to have the occassional dream of someone who has passed away, and the dreams almost always involve that person letting me know that they are okay or asking me to let someone else know that they are okay. At any rate, this dream I had took place in a small auditorium/gymnasium type space. Paul and I were sitting across from one another in metal folding chairs, and he had this large, red round plastic disc that he placed over our two sets of legs, and started drumming on it - - - this amazing syncopated rhythm as only Paul could do it. When he was done, I was crying, and he told me to stop crying. I looked at him and told him I couldn't, and that he had no idea why I was really crying. He looked at me and said "sure I know why you're crying, but really, those jackets we used to wear in the early days weren't that bad....." He winked at me and told me once again not to cry and that he was okay. Then suddenly I was alone in the darkened auditorium and I began to sing "Don't Dream It's Over", then I woke up.
Well two years, gone by so quick.

The car is full of flowers from our gardens at Ailsa Craig, the sun is shining and I think Uncle Hessie must of been watching today as I found $35.00 in the pockets of my black jeans, oddly enough that's probably how much the petrol will cost to go to Blackwood today (how odd is that!). *GRIN*.....wonder if he'd leave the Lotto numbers next time (doesn't work that way...! Oh well).

Have cards from us, a card from Neil, Nick and Mark, no idea who else will be at Blackwood but rest assured we will be carrying all your thoughts and love for our mate with us.

Thanks to the masses for the many emails, and all the nice thoughts.

Stay Reel!!!!

Originally posted by Half-Full:
2 seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago all at once, doesn't it? My thoughts are with all those missing Hessie on this sad annivesary.

Peter, I hope you find comfort in the company of friends as you visit his grave.

My thoughts exactly, HF.

Rest peacefully, Paul.
Well, what a day to receive the latest Frenz Newsletter in the post! I've just been reading the interview with Neil about reforming the band, and oh how so poignant today being the day that Paul left us. I was filled with a real sense of sadness and loss, but also with the awareness that it is from the winter that spring arises in all it's beauty and glory.

I just thought I might share with everyone the lyrics to a beautiful but heartachingly sad song penned for Paul by his friend Shane Howard - it is on his latest album released last year and is called 'Empty House' - it's very difficult to listen to but is so beautiful and filled with such pathos and love.

"Gone, Gone
Everything you ever felt
Everything like butter melts away

Gone, Gone
All the dreams you ever had
All the things that made you sad

Quicksilver, Quicksilver
Running through the hands of time
Running through the plans of mine and yours

One Moment, One dark moment
Changes everything
Everything like Quicksilver runs away

Little Brother, Little Brother
Why'd you think that noone cared
Why'd you think those thoughts could not be shared

One tall tree, in the forest
The axeman picks the best to fell
Some things evolve and leave a shell

Quicksilver, Quicksilver
Comes together, runs away
Just like time it slides, doesn't stay

Gone, Gone
Everything you ever felt
Everything like ice caps melts away."

Well, he truly was a tall tree in the forest of much lesser - I hope you have found your peace Paul, and I hope you can feel the love!

My thoughts are with Paul's family and all his dear friends today, wishing them much love and comfort.

Thank you for all you left us with RIP Paulo.

Just thought I'd pop in here and read what everyone was saying about Paul. I can't put it any better than anybody that's already said stuff here.

I'm gonna go listen to "Wanted to Know" of Pauls....I've been entranced by that song for a while now. Maybe the boys'll resurrect one of his 'new' tunes one day....they are solid songs.
Originally posted by Love&Peace:
Well, what a day to receive the latest Frenz Newsletter in the post! I've just been reading the interview with Neil about reforming the band, and oh how so poignant today being the day that Paul left us.

I had a similar experience today too, choosing to buy the FFTW dvd (finally, not my fault Santa didn't bring it Smiler)

It seemed so surreal watching those interviews & behind the scenes documentaries & hearing Paul talk about the band's demise, especially considering they have now reformed.

It was especially hard hearing Neil, Nick & Mark provide commentary on the concert and I was struck with the feeling that Paul should have been here to comment on it too. Can you imagine? Big Grin

Peace to Paul's family & friends, Gryph & all those who are remembering him today.
Pauls star !!

On Saturday night 26th March 2005 I was having an unusually hard time getting to sleep so I went outside to see a brilliant fullmoon .A bright star was shining right next to it so I took the above picture.It was the next day that I heard the tragic news.........
I feel blessed that I was able to spend some funtime with my friend just 2 weeks prior to this day.
Pauls star will always shine brightly and forever be dancing with the moon .
RIP my friend :-((
Shine on Paul .
Enjoy life alwayz my Frenz.

Please come on over to
for a cuppa.
A huge THANKYOU especially to Doodler,Houser and Kira Big Grin
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Originally posted by Half-Full:
2 seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago all at once, doesn't it? My thoughts are with all those missing Hessie on this sad annivesary.

Peter, I hope you find comfort in the company of friends as you visit his grave.

Same from me PG. Well said HF.

Much love and hugs to all who are feeling his loss.

The sun is shining warm and brightly today - feels like a smile from above.
I can't believe either that it has been two years already. I was barely pregnant with my little Eva and now she is almost 17 months old.

We will miss Paul at the CH shows but as others have said everyone will remember him at each show we attend.

RIP Paul. God bless your loved ones that they may have peace in their hearts on this day.
Not-the-girl, what a powerful, eerie, amazing dream. Thank you for sharing that. I like to believe that dreams like that are a way for a soul who has passed to get in touch with those of us still on this side of things. I imagine you must've felt very emotional when you woke up.

I feel a bit inadequate, posting here. Most of you have been fans for such a long time, and I feel like a latecomer who should stay in the back and keep quiet. But I know that's silly and I really felt the need to just share my voice here, and say that I do think about Paul, and everyone who loved him, a lot. I hope he's able to check in with his loved ones when they need a sign from him. I hope to sing "Better Be Home Soon" with a bunch of you in Pomona next month for Paul.
jentwo, never feel like an outsider here. The more the merrier! Hey, It's been less than two years since I first posted, and look at my tally now Wink.

I feel bonded and comforted by reading these posts, especially those pertaining to Paul. It lets me know that I too am not alone in the way I feel. It's nice to know there are many others out there Big Grin.
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