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Tim Finn has indeed been very busy. Working on 2 projects:

1/ "Star Navigator" and 2/ "Ladies in Black".

Star Navigator is an opera and "Ladies in Black" is a theatre piece with songs from Tim.

The Auckland workshop performance of Star Navigator is in March 2015. 


A VIp email is going out to club members very soon with several article links and some other news..I'll pop up a few links here:





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Great to hear that Tim seems to be having a burst of creativity. I have really enjoyed his last few discs, some of my personal faves, but it is somewhat sad to me that he is going in this direction. For those of us who AREN'T in the right country, there seems to be very little chance of ever hearing this music. These two, the White Cloud project, the (aborted) Dorothy Parker project-will be driving obsessives like me nuts.

Gryph, any chance at all that there could be some kind of release, even of selections, either by the club or by Tim himself (like his Rarities Vol. 1) of some of these projects?

If you are looking to buy tickets for the Star Navigator previews 13&14th March, do NOT go to the Ticketmaster website. When you click on "find tickets", you will be told there aren't any and you might do what I almost did (panic and/or ruin your eye makeup.) I managed to buy tickets for both nights here:
I wonder when the actual opera will premiere? I already have my opening night dress. It's backless, fluro green satin, full length, all covered in black lace. Soon as I saw it, I thought, oh yes, that, with a set of green and red True Colours nails...
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