Twilight at Taronga.

c.houser posted:

Are all the gigs this high?  I haven't even checked as I am in the states, but that seems a tad pricey. Shout out to those who are flush and in the neighborhood.

So far that's what we've paid for each show πŸ˜• but I guess Neil has to pay everyone as well as himself. I'd imagine he wouldn't still be playing if he didn't earn a quid 😁

Yeah, totally standard pricing for Neil gigs in Australia, home of overpriced tickets.

While here, I'll look elsewhere but does anyone happen to have a spare seated ticket for Anita's Thirroul? There are standing available but sadly that's not likely to be an option.

Well, I'm keen, I'm doing all three Zoo shows plus Thirroul. But I am curious who will be in Neil and Liam's band this time, and to be honest the setlist in NZ wasn't ideal. It was great fun one time but I'm a bit unsure I want to hear it four more times...

silent stream posted:

Id say theres one v promising song from the new album.

liams second chance was a highlight.

otherwise was a best of neil night out with the all singing all dancing family band.

sharons playing does nothing for me.

elroy plays well.



I have to agree. Second chance is incredibly catchy. πŸ‘Œ cannot wait for the Echuca and Melbourne shows 😎 

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