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Sorry, don't know about any interviews or insight into Turn and Run.

But has anyone noticed how very different Turn and Run is on One All (US release) compared with the original version on One Nil? I was led to believe the US version of Neil's second solo album was only a remix of the original release.

But this cut at least has had quite a few overdubs added. A new riffing electric guitar is present almost from the start. Not too much further comes a scratchy, rhythm guitar overdub, and then a backwards sounding guitar/synth (?) wash that underlies quite a bit of the rest of the song. I also sense that an additional backing vocal has been added to Neil's and Cheryl's original duet.

Very interesting and I eagerly anticipate seeing if other cuts from the original have been reworked. One thing for sure: Lullaby Requiem and Human Kindness were worth the price of admission. Amazing songs. On the topic of Neil and belief in a higher power, one only need check his most recent efforts for clues:

Goodnight, bless you
Let angels possess you
you'll make dreams of another life
(from Lullaby Requiem)

He'll take it away from us
if we don't make time
for human kindness
(from Human Kindness)

(Which also includes a very interesting lyric that refers to the end of a "righteous and twisted crusade" undertaken by "one that took the shot." Hmmmm, wonder who that might be?)
FreshBreeze, there's actually been a lot of discussion on the new TAR remix. First and foremost is the fact that Lisa Germano replaced Sheryl Crow on backing vocals, which was miscredited on the CD. Quite a few of the other songs were also tweaked -- most notable for me are HITI, which I would describe as cleaner (and I'm still not sure that's a good thing), and Anytime, where an extra line ("And I won't let go of the first clear moment I saw you") was added. The only change I'm ecstatic about is the extra line in Anytime.

Well, interestingly enough, just yesterday I was watching a vh1 special that a wonderful forum-ite sent to me from England (thank you sylcar! A special gift for you is on it's way!). In it, Neil spoke at length about the inspiration for TAR. I was actually a little surprised by it, because I thought it was about first love, etc.

He said (and I may screw this up slightly, but I think I have the jist) that, when he was a boy there was parade every year in Te Awamutu (perhaps something like a Memorial Day parade) and one year he was part of a "War and Peace" float. On the peace side, everyone was dressed as angels and playing music and generally having a great time. On the war side, everyone was dressed in camouflage and had toy guns. Neil, being very young, took his part as a member of the war side very seriously. He wouldn't smile, or dance or even wave to his friends that were calling out to him from the side of the road. He said that this memory kept coming back to him when he was writing the lyrics to TAR. He said it's about the determination one can feel when you're young and innocent, how you can take such things very seriously because of their importance to you. Interesting, huh?

That's funny, I like the new HITI. There was nothing wrong with the Nil version, though (the Nil first three song segue is something I do miss, they became a tryptich for me). I think that DMM on ALL is better, I miss Elastic Heart and I also like the funky Dont Ask Why... So I am glad that I have both to suit my mood because I like LR and HK as well.

ANYTIME- the added line brought this song up to a whole new level. Amazing...
LOL, Jenn! Maybe you're right, maybe there's a typo on the lyric sheet and it should say "somehow we stay a float" instead of "afloat". Tee hee.

And, absolutely the plastic gun thing makes more sense. I hadn't thought of that.

God, he was so amazing and witty and sweet and soooooooooooo cute on that show. I just love him. Like y'all don't know that by now.
he stood with a machine gun, and how it resembled him on stage holding his guitar
Are you sure it was a machine gun ? I mean, was that what he said? Just curious because there was an intro to a live version of "Turn and Run" to which he did a little explanation referring to himself on a float in an annual parade, holding a "plastic gun" and acting all mean, ignoring his friends, being tough, etc; really getting into the whole "peace and war" thing.

I had imagined him holding a little plastic revolver or maybe water pistol. So, bottom line, did he actually say "machine gun"? I didn't even know those existed back then. Waiting for your reply.

Kim Wink
At the risk of sounding like a historical smartass, Kim, think about what you're asking. Neil was born in 1958, so his "parade" had to have been in the sixties sometime. If by 1945 they had developed the A-bomb . . .
Sorry, talking about TOY PLASTIC MACHINE GUNS. Sometimes my brain thinks things that I neglect to verbalize or type. When I was younger, I have no memory of toy machine guns, just toy pistols and rifles.

Now, "Freshbreeze", did you really think I didn't know machine guns exhisted then?

Let's see, Gatling guns were used during the Civil War, correct? Then of course there was the lovely use of the Tommy guns in the time of George "Machine Gun" Kelly during the Prohibition era.

I may not have gotten an "A" in history all the time, but sometimes I did, usually though, B+'s. Big Grin

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Kim Wink

I didn't mean to imply he had a REAL gun or anything, I'm sure it was just a plastic gun of some description
OY! I guess I really was misunderstood here. I am deeply sorry for all the confusion. Now that we know I was speaking of toy plastic guns and not realizing there may have been toy plastic machine guns at the time, let's press on, shall we? Big Grin

P.P.S. Even my HUSBAND called me and didn't know what I was talking about... but what's the news there? Big Grin Wink (I love you honey)

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