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Really wish Neil would get these out on vinyl . They are gaping ommisions from his solo catalogue . Both tremendous albums  - far superior to Dizzy Heights IMO and have a timeless quality (TWT especially)

I have everything on vinyl from the Crowded House debut up until now (plus 3 Split Enz records)  . I wish Neil would let me complete my collection

The two Finn Bros albums are also long overdue , but I guess thats another forum / thread !

Please put these out Neil !

i could start again - you can depend on it

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Second this! Bumping this back up the list... totally agree.

Since all the rarities and alternate takes that have floated around on Fangradio, I do wonder what little gems there are floating around for Try Whistling This especially... the version of Twisty Bass was brilliant!

It'd be lovely to have these 2 make it onto vinyl.... the sooner the better :-)

I hope the Finn vinyl issue is just a matter of time - it sounds like it'll be out at some point.... fingers crossed.

In Q magazine last summer Ed O'Brien from Radiohead wrote an article about Finn and commented how he had written the liner notes for the vinyl issue of the record, Pete Paphides has posted a brief video on Facebook about the same time showing a test pressing playing of Only Talking Sense.

I'd love to hear these records get their vinyl release - from Fangradio, it sounds like Neil really supports this too. I do hope they'll all happen but I guess nothing will happen until Dreamers are waiting has had its release.

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