How many different colour sleeves were produced for this LP? My copy (UK) is red and green, but I've seen the Aussie yellow and blue one too....the sleeve for the US video release of the True Colours video is black and white.

Are there any more? And which ones do you people actually own...?
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I'd seen the red sleeved version years ago but when my local Virgin Megastore imported an entire Split Enz catalogue (one of each) I bought the lot and got the yellow version to my surprise. I much prefer the red cover, but if the yellow is the original Aus/NZ colour then I'm pleased I got that instead.

I also noted that the track listing is different. If I remember correctly, the red version opens with I Got You (it having been the band's big hit), but on my version it doesn't (I'd need to go look to find out what order the tracks appear in).
There are at least 12 different colour combinations, according to the "Bitz" site.

I think all Mushroom copies (NZ/Australia) have "Shark Attack" as Track 1 and "I Got You" as Track 2 - the two songs were swapped around by A&M when they released the album in the of the world. I have a nice red/green American CD, but I think the Mushroom CD is yellow/blue.

Anselm, could you tell me a little bit more about this US "True Colours" video with the b/w cover?
Well,I have a purple and yellow cover on vinyl,and both a red and green..and yellow and turquoise on Cd.I dig the purple/yellow combo the best..somehow it seems very 'Noel'.. Big Grin
And isn't the True Colours video the concert where they're in different coloured suits with checkered shirts?Or something else?

Well, red & green is the (original) definitive LP colour combo, as you know...fluro yellow & blue seems to have emerged as the definitive CD issue colour in NZ, we had 6 or 7 colour combos, including red & green, purple & yellow and blue & orange, amongst others, plus a limited edition issue with a special silver & black sleeve - released to celebrate double-platinum sales in NZ - this sleeve was limited to several thousand numbered Aussie, as well as having the same combos as us, plus maybe a few more - including a gold & silver combo - they issued the laser-etched edition of 'True Colours' in late-1980 with a special yellow & red sleeved that featured a blue border on the cover as opposed to the usual black one...this sleeve also found its way to NZ via import, and I suppose it was also released elsewhere in the world...too bad not all the colour combos are available "on CD" (so to speak).
Well, red & green is the (original) definitive LP colour combo, as you know...fluro yellow & blue seems to have emerged as the definitive CD issue colour combo...

Funnily enough, my CD of it (on the A&M label) is red and green, so maybe it's not quite as definitive as you thought!

Incidentally, what year was it actually released in Aus/NZ? The copyright statement on my UK disc dates it to 1979, but I'm sure it was released here in 1980.
My version has a Blue and Orange cover and although bought in the Uk there is nothing to say where it comes from on either Sleeve or Record. It is on A&M AMLH 64822 and the vinyl is that wonderful laser etched version in an inner cardboard sleeve showing pictures of all six members. Incidentally the same pictures cropped were used on the outside sleeve of my vinyl copy of Waiata, cost cutting or what?

I only recently bought it on CD here in the UK in a local HMV at a normal price. It is Red and Green and is made in the USA and is on A&M.

Both Vinyl and CD start with the I Got You, Shark Attack sequence.

Anselm quoted:

"Incidentally, what year was it actually released in Aus/NZ? The copyright statement on my UK disc dates it to 1979, but I'm sure it was released here in 1980."

Never mind that 1979...'True Colours' was released everywhere in 1980...apparently Aussie got it first (January 1980), followed by NZ (February 1980)...anyway, God knows why some sleeves say "(P) 1979" on them...
And, oh yeah, Anselm...I forgot to say that, for CD issues of 'True Colours', it would appear that the red & green combo is the one most used for the US CD issue (on A&M Records, I believe...not sure if it's still in print)...while, down here in NZ/Aussie, fluoro yellow & blue is the one we use the most.
Well I guess so, just seems a bit mental, considering that all other Enz albums were copyrighted with the same year as their publication date...has anyone noticed that some CD issues of 'Mental Notes', 'Second Thoughts' amd 'Conflicting Emotions' have the wrong publication dates on them? (1976, 1975 and 1984 respectively)...hmm, just more useless info for y'all, I guess you could start a whole seperate forum devoted to that.

Interestingly, the Wikipedia page for True Colours lists it as having been released in June 1980.

This may have been correct for the North American and European markets, but I still haven't been able to find much information about the original Australian or New Zealand release date. Not even Discogs can help, other than to say it was released in 1980.

According to an old press release, "The triple platinum album 'True Colours' will be released in Australia on 10 November (1980) in the revolutionary laser disc format," but I haven't found anything about the original vinyl release.

I believe it was released January 21, 1980 in Aust/NZ. I have read a few articles that also state that date. Quite possibly the first album ever issued in the 80’s in Aust/NZ. Not sure if that would also be first album ever issued throughout the world in the 80’s.

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