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#6 Fave Album surveys. To read the rules, go to the Aus/NZ Mental Notes post.

Track list as follows:

Shark Attack
I Got You
What's The Matter With You
Double Happy
I Wouldn't Dream Of It
I Hope I Never
Nobody Takes Me Seriously
Missing Person
Poor Boy
How Can I Resist Her
The Choral Sea

The toughest challenge so far. I Got You? Missing Person? Choral Sea? Missing Person?
Missing Person.
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Originally posted by Bono:
The toughest challenge so far. I Got You? Missing Person? Choral Sea? Missing Person?
Missing Person.[/qb]

Yes, have to agree there Bono, Missing Person it is, but in my case it only JUST edges out "I Hope I Never" and the incomparable "Poor Boy".

...But with lyrics like "Step In My Shoes, You'll See That I Don't Fit", I have to vote for the song of my life, don't I?
Stepinmyshoes, you seem to have edited your above post out of existence. Confused

Sheesh, I can't pick just one favorite off this album, too many great songs! Just an observation, though: it interests me how "Missing Person" seems to be one of those "love it or hate it" songs (I fall into the former category!) - several people voted for it in the "Worst Song Neil has ever written" thread.
Missing Person.

I will now proceed to bore you with the reasons whY. Split Enz was a forgotten band for me in 1986, when, after travelling for some time, I played True Colourson my home stereo for the first time in some years. It was a pleasant enough experience, but when Missing Person came on I was completely blown away. So, although many of the others rate highly, MP has a special place in my heart. I don't think I would have rediscovered the Enz and all that followed without having heard that song again. Bla bla bla.....


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