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Okay, it's basically a given that Waiata is inferior to True Colours, but I've always thought that songs like History Never Repeats, One Step Ahead, Hard Act To Follow, Iris, etc. hold their own far better than some of the stuff on True Colours, and it's an opinion which I've rarely heard echoed. Anyone else agree!?
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Hi, Withnail! It's up to taste, obviously... to me they're pretty much levelled, already going
(don't booo, please!) down the creative slope... my impression is that the Dizrhythmia period
was kinda the acme of the band, having to renew itself after the very deep line-up changes
occurred within a relatively short period... very fresh and full of energy... Still both the albums
you mention are well worth listening and having but, again, more or less equivalent in quality...
Bye. Big Grin
Hi there Withnail,

I LOVE the opening 4 songs on Waiata. Hard Act to Follow, One Step Ahead, I Don't Wanna Dance, Iris. To me it doesn't get much better than that. History Never Repeats is awesome. I am also one of the odd birds that happens to like "Ships." Don't ask me why. Maybe it's the Bo Diddley groove. For awhile it was my fave Enz song. When I first heard "How Soon is Now" by the Smiths it reminded me of "Ships."

I think if I could only have one of the two LPs it might be TC, but I have always loved Waiata just as much.

I've always preferred Waiata to True Colours. I recall the first time I heard both albums in full. Me, being a young'n had read a lot about both albums, particularly Ture Colours huge sales/love & impact. So when I got True Colours I was totally geared up for an amazing experience. And to be honest it kind of fell flat on me. I've grown to love it a lot more in time though.

Waiata was exactly the opposite, the first four songs were just amazing for me, and they still had my favourite song on the Album (History) to come. Albert Of India is my favourite Eddie track from the Enz. I loved it, and thought of it as anything but a let-down to True Colours.
I couldn't compare Waiata/Corroboree and True Colours, and to be honest don't really see why there is any need to Roll Eyes

Each album is unique and to me, each album stands alone on its own merit. Neither one needs the other to prop it up Big Grin

I enjoy both (and others Roll Eyes ) on a regular basis, and there's nothing quite like leaving an Enz record for a while, then going back to it (which is what I did with True Colours). Its like discovering the songs all over again Wink

No offence intended by this post - compare away - all I'm saying is I wouldn't/couldn't Razzer
I understand what you're saying, but I was interested in seeing the opinions here since I guess it has always been accepted that Waiata was the disappointing follow-up... and since they're both Tickle produced, it's always seemed a bit like they could be vol. 1 and 2 (kinda, you know what I mean!), even down to them being released in that two-fer set.

I partly prefer Waiata though as it sounds alot less 'sterile' than TC, the production is alot warmer whereas TC obviously tends to go for the most streamlined new wave approach... don't get me wrong though, I still love them both!

Oh well, thanks for your replies, I'm glad to see that Waiata also has its fans! Smiler
Withnail wrote:

and since they're both Tickle produced, it's always seemed a bit like they could be vol. 1 and 2 (kinda, you know what I mean!), even down to them being released in that two-fer set.
I'd never actually thought of them that way - linked by the producer type thing Big Grin

The thing with me is... I'm a techno-idiot Razzer

People talk about the production, the sound, etc whereas those things never occur to me. I listen to the song and if I like the tune, that's it Roll Eyes

I had never heard any mention of Waiata being a follow up to True Colours or anything, so my response was probably a bit ignorant in that regard Frowner Roll Eyes

I hope I didn't offend you Withnail - a comparison does make more sense knowing the above Wink

While Tim had his share of decent songs on True Colours, it was truly Neil who saved Corroboree / Waiata.

Take away One Step Ahead, Iris and History Never Repeats and you have a fairly weak 5-track Tim Finn EP filled out with a couple of Eddie Rayner instrumentals. Although I must admit I don't mind Ghost Girl. I Don't Wanna Dance is a pass mark too.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of a lot of what Tim's done. Love the first two Enz albums and most of his solo work. Just thought his songs on Corroboree / Waiata weren't up to par. And of course it's just my opinion.

I agree. I think Tim was dealing with some issues in his personal life and maybe they took their toll. I also think the comic goofy “incel”  loser character that surfaced on “I See Red” comes off as a bit schticky here— and I note he abandoned it once and for all after this record.

Its also a fact that the arrangements on Tim’s songs are a bit cluttered, which arguably detracts from the melodies, which are, as always,  effortlessly catchy. I believe Tickle and Tim both blame each other for that.

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I think I'm in the camp of conventional wisdom and much prefer True Colours. Apart from basically re-recording Mental Notes as Second Thoughts  , Corroboree seems to be the only Enz album that feels like a lateral movement rather than a progression. To be fair True Colours (along with Enz Of An Era) was my introduction to the band so I've always had a soft spot for it but personal nostalgia aside I think if all the songs from both were available to make one album the majority would be from TC. While Neil's songs from each album are pretty much on par with each other with maybe even a slight nod to the C/W songs overall I believe Tim's TC songs are much stronger than his C/W contributions. My dream 11 (with apologies to the instrumental fans) would be:

Side One

1. Shark Attack

2. I Got You

3. What's The Matter With You

4. Hard Act To Follow

5. One Step Ahead

6. I Hope I Never

Side Two

1. History Never Repeats

2. Nobody Takes Me Seriously

3. Iris

4. Poor Boy

5. How Can I Resist Her

with maybe Ships as a closer if there was room





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