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So I'm completely new at this and don't know much about records or collecting or anything but my uncle collects them.

He said there's a black and white colourway of the True Colours vinyl but I can't find that anywhere and think maybe he means black and silver?

Does anyone know all the colourways and what countries etc they belong to? Or could you point me to where I could find it?

I found a black and silver colourway I paid around $50 for. Wondering if it's the black and white one so I can give it to him to add to his collection.

Thanks so much and sorry if it's already been done but I couldn't find it.
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The B&W True Colours cover also came with several coloured Enz Penz (a red and green one we have but truly can't remember if there were other coloured penz).

At one stage, in the very very very early days of the club we had a few dozen of the B&W covers autographed by the guys.

I have to say the last B&W cover I spotted was sold for around $500 mark so yes rare! That was many years ago.
I managed to snag one of these in excellent condition yesterday, but it is in the black/silver/tan colourway.

The border is black, the background is silver, then then "E" is coloured in white, and the "N" and "Z" are coloured in light tan. After I'd paid for it, I found myself hoping that its not a fake. Eeker Cool I had never heard of this colour combination.

I'm told that this is one of the harder ones to get (although not as rare as the black and white) and that is was a Yellow Label, which apparently means that it was one of the earlier releases.

It was also confirmed for me yesterday that black and white is extremely difficult to come by. The guy where I bought my copy said he has only had about 2 B&W through his shop in the 10 years that he's been there.

I've always wanted to collect these different colours but would only do it if I could get covers in really, really good condition.

Can't wait for this auction... Big Grin

A black and white that's rare anyway would be even more unique with some sigs on it. Eeker

I found an album from my Grandfather's collection of garage sale records, and played it over the weekend. I'm not a huge Enz fan, not like all the other Finn brands, but I like them. Anyway, the vinyl disc has some kind of etching in it. Very unique to me.      What's the Matter with this?

It sounds like the etching you are referring to is the True Colours Laser Etched album. If from Aust it would have been the yellow & red front cover with blue borders. Not exactly rare but can be highly sought after in mint condition.

as for the black & white cover, I have never seen one in person but I saw one sell on eBay for over $700.

Thank you Enzboy, for the info.  That sounds like the one.  Label is only printed on one side I believe. I saw on Wikipedia that if you shine a light on it, you'll get a light show in the room?  That's pretty neat.

I wish I'd have recognized the genius in this band back in the day. 

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