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Im looking to expand my true colours obsession. I’m looking for color variations. I have original red, blue, purple and yellow. Looking for others. Thanks, john

I have a spare NZ numbered silver covered one. PM if interested. I am in NZ.

There were originally 8 colour variations in Australia but there are obviously more from other releases.

Black & White (Mega Rare)

Red & Green

Yellow & Blue

Blue & Orange

Maroon & Orange

Silver & Gold

Lime Green & Pink

Purple & Yellow

Yellow & Red (with Blue Border / Aust Laser Etched release)

Silver & Black (NZ Numbered Edition)

Green & Orange (2006 release)

Currently process of moving

Have the following for sale




Silver and Gold



2 Red/Black

I wont have display room, looking for $120 ono plus actual shipping cost.

I'll be shipping from Australia.

Yes I did see that. I'd be careful with this one though. I think it may just be the 'standard' Australian silver and gold copy, which does come up for sale from time to time, and has a value of around A$30.00. It looks like the main body of this copy is silver, not white, but it would be worth asking the question for sure.   

I did try to look hard enough to verify whether it is the silver & gold cover but it looks very white, the same as the 2 white squares on the cover. Or it could be a very light silver colour. The silver colour should be much darker.

Camera's can be deceptive, I've been caught out before, but like I say, the only way to check is to ask. It's gone over the $200.00 mark, so a bit above my budget! I just hope the bidders have contacted the seller and made sure it's actually white. 

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