These are the times I REALLY miss Peter and the the Frenz of the Enz... I stumbled over this today. 5 vinyl remixed (by Eddie) reissues of True Colours to celebrate the 40th anniversary!!

I haven’t heard word of this through any other channel. Peter would have been all over promoting this with signed copies available via the club. It would have been a big deal to look forward to.

Im excited that Warner’s are doing this but it does highlight that there is no longer an Enz channel for the fans. I think Crowded House and Neil’s other ventures are well served by Team Neil Finn but with all the current focus on the new Crowded House, it doesn’t look like the True Colours 40th Anniversary reissues will get much promotion sadly. 

It sounds like it’s been Eddie’s Labour of love.

There will also be CD with bonus material. I wonder if this will have tracks we haven’t heard before??

And as an aside, when looking at the Warner’s Enz catalogue, they have a Mental Notes CD for sale but it has the UK album cover (but the original Aus/NZ track listing). Is this just a mistake on the website or have Warner’s actually released a CD with the wrong cover art?!

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Confused by this and Eddie's comments here -

I have at least two remastered versions of True Colours on CD, the second of which is the 2006 remaster by Eddie and Adrian Stuckey. And I seem to recall the first remaster had Eddie involved too. I don't have Spotify - is the version on there that much different? Don't they just stream the 2006 remaster?

This 40th anniversary reissue sounds like yet another version and is it really necessary - can it be that much different? Does Eddie just like tinkering?! Where do you draw the line on this?

Yeah... I must say, I thought the same. I have two ‘remastered’ versions. This one is being remixed, but you are right - how much different can it really sound? I guess time will tell.

The obsessive compulsive collector in me is excited about new vinyl though!

Whysus posted:

Apparently this is a remix like Frenzy and Waiata...

Well, that should be interesting, if nothing else.

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