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ok well in the spellbound doco when they go through albums when truecolours comes up they show what i think were the colours now when i say body it means the main backround and word means the square on the bottom right of the album

body / square
red / green
blue / orange
yellow/ pink
white/ white
purple/ yellow
yellow/ light blue
yellow/ blue(normal cover)

thats all i know of if that helps
Methinks there were 10 combos released throughout the world...

#1 red & green
The 'definitive' combo for all formats. Also used for the A&M CD issue.

#2 purple & yellow
In Canada, a special 'Audiophile' issue features this cover with a wide gold border around the outside.

#3 blue & orange
1-3 are the most common sleeves used throughout the world.

#4 fluorescent yellow & pink

#5 hot purple & burnt orange
4 & 5 were used on repressings in Australia (and possibly New Zealand too) after the initial pressings, which featured combos 1-3.

#6 yellow & light blue
Same combo used for the Mushroom CD issue.

#7 silver & black New Zealand-only issue
A limited edition of 2,500 numbered copies to celebrate double-platinum sales in New Zealand (i.e. 30,000+ units)

#8 platinum & gold Australian-only issue
Similar circumstances as 7. Not sure what sales plateau it celebrated, though.

#9 yellow & red with blue border
Mushroom laser-etched issue. Unique in that the borders are a different colour to the standard black borders on all other issues.

#10 black & white
Australian promo issue of 1,000 copies with set of 6 coloured markers so the owner could produce their own True Colours sleeve.

There are minor variations on colour shades, hues, etc, but this covers the bases. All up, as far as I know, Australia had 8 covers, New Zealand had 6 and America and the UK had 4 combos.

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