Track Listing- "Split Enz- Live, Alive Oh"

From the Frenz of the Enz VIP email (Feb 2017).  Track listing and venues. 

1.Shark Attack Akl93
2.Poor Boy NewPlymouth93
3.Message To My Girl Akl93
4.Dirty Creature NewPlymouth93
5.Strait Ol' Line Akl93
6.Haul Away Akl93
7.I Got You Akl93
8.Best Friend Akl93
9.Years Go By Akl93
10.Without A Doubt Akl93
11.Hermit McDermitt Akl93
12.True Colours Akl93
13.What's The Matter With You? Akl93
14.Charlie Akl93
15.Split Ends Akl93
16.Time For A Change Akl93

17.Pioneer Akl08
18.Six Months In A Leaky boat Akl08
19.Give It A A Whirl Akl08
20.One Step Ahead Akl08
21.Nobody Takes Me seriously Akl08
22.Take a Walk Akl08
23.Stuff and Nonsense Akl08
24.Devil You Know Akl08
25.Double Happy Akl08
26.I See Red Akl08
27.My Mistake Akl08
28.Carried Away Akl08
29.Bold As Brass Akl08
30.History Never Repeats Akl08

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