hi Frenz
I have for sale a copy of ,live at the town and country club' and 'full house'plus other rarities for sale, if anyone is interested please post a reply
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Hi Steve.

I'll take it.

Is this the mid-late 1991 show when they still had Tim in the band?

Please email me with the details.

Cheers, Jeremy.

I would imagine that the person listing it has sold it since the original post is 18 years old.  However someone else may have one for sale for you. Good luck

It's all good, I posted that as a joke Although I misread the name of the original poster, thinking it was you who started the thread, Sylcar.

Thanks for the link though in2finn2, I was actually on that exact page earlier believe it or not. Not sure I can justify shelling out $129.36 on it haha.

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