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I don't generally buy tour programmes as they're usually just very expensive glossy photos. Now I wondering if I should have as Nick usually comes up with some interesting artwork. So can someone who got one tell me what it was like? I was watching the pennies so restricted myself to the live CD and a t-shirt as early Christmas presents. I've worn the T-shirt a couple of times now (I got the ladies navy serpent) which has had some compliments at work.
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I have bought mine at my fourth concert on this tour, in Glasgow. I thought it wasn't enough value for money the first three concerts, but it seems to be more easy for me to spend Pounds than Euro's.

I was surprised with the great artwork, and I especially liked the TOE song by song introduction.
And above all, I accidentally met Mark Hart after the Glasgow show, and off course I got my tour programme signed. It's invaluable now :.)
Finally, I have my tour program, which arrived from the UK this morning. I think the artwork is wonderful and really like section where Neil talks about the songs on the album. I can't judge too well on the value for money because I find it's kind of priceless by completing my concert experience.

Hopefully I won't have to go to such great lengths for a tour program next time. It really is strange to have to order it from overseas.

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