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Has anyone seen the poster promoting Neil's show in Vancouver. AMAZING!!!! I was told by one of Neil entourage that there were no poster left at the end of the show Frowner , but they had given some to give away on a fan site. Smiler Anyone out there have a poster or know the site that is giving them away? Confused I would dearly love one.
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Hi there, I think you are referring to the blue posters with a stylized Neil face with Maori ? face painting lines made up of lyrics from various Neil songs. Yes, they are amazing. I didn't think they're were going to become collectors items.

Some lucky fans (not me) managed to snag a few of them off of the washroom walls where upcoming show posters are.

I was told that a few were going to go to Peter Green for an online auction. I believe each member of the band and crew got one.
(fresh new ones not the washroom ones!)

If someone can confirm this perhaps.

Best Wishes
Hello there, the posters were only for the Commodore show. A local company The Dogs Eye Creative Design does the posters for the Commodore's House of Blues concerts. I notice some other HOB Vancouver shows and some New Orleans posters up there to.

Here's a link

I think they do great work, check out the rest of the site.
The Neil poster isn't up yet. I don't know when it would be, as I'm not connected with the company.

Ok, mine arrived in the mail today!!!!!

As mentioned previous, this fellow is really nice and this has arrived about a week and a bit after ordering it online.

Spent a few minutes following all the lines of the songs all over his face --some old Split Enz lines in there as well--- before hanging it up in my computer room.

A must have for any Neil fans--especially those of you that were at the gig that the poster advertises............... Big Grin

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