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Hand Up. I was a big Tori fan for a while. To be honest, I've found her work since From The Choirgirl Hotel to be extremely patchy.

For some reason, Under The Pink would be my favourite one of her albums. Don't know why. She's one of those artists who I will still buy the albums when they come out, but don't feel as strongly about any more.
I love Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink also. I have almost all of the rest of her albums but haven't had the chance to listen to them like I did the first two. I don't have time to really listen to CD's much since my daughter was born. I only got into Tori in 2000...

I have never seen her live but my brother has quite a few times. I am glad a new album is out!
Anselm, I've been hooked on Ms Amos since Silent All These Years came through way back when. The only albums of hers I haven't much liked were Boys For Pele (impenentrably long) and Strange Little Girls (two or three good covers but the rest was very poor).

Fave songs: too many to mention.

Fave albums: impossible call, but I really enjoyed Scarlet's Walk. A real return to her earlier style of more simple melodies and straightforward arrangements. Really worked a treat. I was playing Taxi Ride over and over and over and over for months. Still do, in fact Smiler

Have you seen the Sunny Florida DVD. Excellent stuff. I've seen her live in Nottingham twice. First time on the Under the Pink tour - just her and a piano. Then after From the Choirgirl Hotel with full band. Much prefered the band...
The first three songs on Scarlet's Walk hold up for me. They're songs. The rest of it sounds like it was thrown together in the studio, jammed out.

"Wednesday" is as good as she's ever done IMHO. Also, I don't think Little Earthquakes has dated that well. I think the story about Alanis Morrissette lying on her bedroom floor rolling around balling her eyes out listening to it because "it spoke to her" sort of tainted it forever for me.

Under The Pink, especially towards the end has that almost homicidal madness to it. The piano work, and the melodies are damn good. Cloud On My Tongue for example.
Like several of you, I prefer the early material to her later albums. The songs on Little Earthquakes are probably her most immediate, while Under The Pink is a bit edgier and more challenging. I love the production on that record. I liked some of Boys For Pele (like Hello Mr Zebra and Putting The Damage On) but she sort of lost me with From The Choirgirl Hotel and the later stuff. From what I�ve heard, the new album�s a bit of a return to form�looking forward to hearing it in full.

Jealous of you people who�ve managed to see her in concert�.I never seemed to get tickets in time so I�ve not had the chance.

What do people make of her cover versions? Apart from the whole covers album she did, she does a mean version of Losing My Religion, Joni Mitchell�s �A Case Of You, Smells Like Teen Spirit and many others, all with her own twist on them�
To be honest, I've always felts she's better doing her own songs. Every now and again she finds a song that really suits her style (Lloyd Cole's Rattlesnakes, for example), but generally I think she's so defined that it makes any effort at covering someone else's material a compromise that doesn't come off (for me, at least).

Strangely, while I love her first two albums, I find her later stuff much more interesting. Maybe its just because I played the early albums to death and am too familiar with them. Choirgirl Hotel and Venus and Back have some amazing material on them.

By the way, did anybody ever hear the remix of Jackie's Strength? Talk about "new way of hearing a song". I adored that when it came out, such a beautiful ballad. Then along comes a remix that turns it into a pop song and, wow. Just can't listen to the ballad anymore...
What does everyone (anyone?) think of her new album?

I've played it through a couple of times and I think it's excellent. That said, it's very much in the vein of her last set, and is very much "me and my band". Very little studio trickery or experimentation... which I like and I don't.

Sometimes her experimentation can be a bit too far (c.f. Boys For Pele), sometimes it can be wonderful (Bliss, in fact!).


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