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Posted from yesterday in another thread.

It's probably because a lot of these songs are in a playlist titled "morning songs" I used to listen to an awful lot, probably from the FB touring years of the 2000s.  And I listened to these all again yesterday. There's nothing wrong with these.


I came across my Top 25 Most played songs on iTunes and most of them are Finn songs. I didn't know where to post this, so I'll list the songs from top down, right here if that's okay. I really like Finn brothers, and evidently I've played TOE quite a bit. This is on my work computer.

Message to my girl

Nothing’s wrong with you    highly underrated imho

My legs are gone      I shouldn't have this song, but grateful I do.

Walking on the Spot        What a fave!

Part of me, part of you     Love the drum riff at the end

Gentle hum     I could start a thread about this song alone.  This song. Not Alone.


Distant Sun

Anything can happen

All the colors

Edible flowers

Fall at your feet

Don’t dream it’s over  7WC

She called up

Nobody wants to

Say that again

A life between us

Won’t give in

Better be home soon

When you come

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