Hey folks, the one CH album I do not have is Together Alone. I live near NYC and have been to a bunch of major record stores and simply can't find it (even though I was able to find Afterglow as an import!).

I've checked "CDNow" for the album, and lo and behold you can purchase it for something like 7 US $, which strikes me as incredibly cheap for a CD (all the other CH CDs are substantially more expensive). Have I just stumbled on a really good bargain, or is this a "mini-album" or what?

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Sadly, "Together Alone" is out of print in the US. I have no idea what the $7 version is, but for at least the last year I know US sales of the album have been discontinued. You could order it from a foreign source, which is usually only $4-5 more than CDnow in my experience. Try HMV:

Make sure you get this CD. It's more atmospheric than the others; layered textures, very spacious. It's my favorite studio album from CH.
If HMV doesn't work, you might also want to consider ebay -- I've found several things there that are otherwise unavailable in the US.

And, believe it or not, I've actually seen unwanted Crowded House CD's in the "used" bin at the local music store! What's WRONG with these people???
However you get Together Alone, you won't be disappointed. Well worth any money. It's definitely their best album, a natural step in between "Woodface" and "Try Whistling This". I've always thought of it as the model for The Verve's "Urban Hymns", so if you liked that album, you'll like "Together Alone" (although, big Verve fan that I am, I think "Together Alone" is even better)

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