wasn't sure where to put this but...

has anyone ordered a ringtone from that insert? normally, i ignore these things but this time i thought it'd be fun to get one (and only one, as they are £3 a piece!). curious, too, if it was like a midi or what... well, i chose "pineapple head", sent my text and received nothing in return.

has this happened with anyone else? i'm afraid to try again and end up paying £6 (!)

i's got robbed :P


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I wonder if there is someone you can let know that you didn't get your ringtone.

I'd like a Pineapple Head ringtone too Smiler I've always thought it would make a good ringtone.
Best would be to contact the company. Did you make sure your phone was compatible? Sometimes they send them through and they go to an odd file on your phone, that's happened to me once.

Best way is to make your own. I have motorola tools which is excellent for that, dunno if other phone makes have similar software.
yeah, i have the beginning of "recurring dream" for when my phone rings. clipped it through audacity.

i'm guessing it's a compatibilty issue. oh well :P
I have a motorola phone too, Tonguetied, is yours an older one? I have a V360 (new-ish) and I haven't been able to figure out if (and/or how) I can make my own on it. Suggestions?

And I strongly recommend calling your provider, Awamutu. I've had issues with that a few times over the past week, and they've been great about it.Smiler
Originally posted by awamutu:
yeah, i have the beginning of "recurring dream" for when my phone rings. clipped it through audacity.

lol I had a ringtone making spree (albeit with GarageBand, Audacity still confuses the hell out of me) when I first got my new phone, and also used the intro of Recurring Dream...it does lend itself particularly well to a tone doesn't it, being all bright and jangly and noisy Smiler I've also got Part of Me, Part of You and Message To My Girl as my other Finn-related tones.

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