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Eh, maybe it'll grow on me a bit like Whatever You Want, but I don't know. I'd be interested to see the songwriting credits on this album. This one sounds like a Liam song, which is what I was afraid of. I didn't want this to be just the next Neil Finn project, featuring his sons and some old friends, but that's kinda what it seems like so far.

Crowded House is a flexible framework; their albums vary quite a lot in style and atmosphere, but there's still a common core running through it all.

So it's not that I expect it to be totally of a piece with what's come before. But I did hope those common threads would continue...Neil being (pretty much) the main songwriting attraction, with strong and direct melodies, unabashedly poppy hooks, assertive vocals and peppy arrangements, melodic Nick Seymour bass lines, etc.

Not what I'm hearing so far, personally. Bit of a letdown.

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On first listening I wasn't thrilled. Verse led me down a Pajama club alley, the chorus nearly hooked me but not quite and the structure felt too broken up for me to get into.

I've listened multiple times since and I am really enjoying this song immensely. I do sense Liam's fingerprints on this but I also feel like it picks up  threads from TOE/Intriguer era Crowded House.

It's joyous and hopeful and speaks to the times we live in. 

I manage my expectations pretty rigorously this days 🤔 especially after Whatever You Want, which I didn't find very engaging at all.

I've already played To the Island many more times than the WYW. I'm finding it a far more captivating song emotionally. I'm enjoying its catchy swing.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was Liam's chorus and Neil added the verses?

It's the kind of song that would have been an outtake in the noughties, which does allow for more quirkiness I think.

Well, Crowded House is many things. A band that's been through several iterations, as well as being a superannuation fund, a future source of income for Neil's boys in an uncertain world.

This song does speak to our times, though a multimillion dollar house in a nice part of LA is an island most can only dream of.

I still have the video clip and the fangradio to look forward to 🎶

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