Hi all! Have flown in from Seattle and really psyched for his weekend. Hope many of you are enjoying the shows!

Amateur question: I notice there seem to be 2 sections at the concert eg the steps and the front of stage area. My question: can anyone stand anywhere? Or were you directed to one area or another? I might try to stand further back on one night and as close as possible the other...

Would greatly appreciate your perspective if you have already been to Thursday's or tonight's show... Many thanks! CHeryl


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You can go anywhere you want. Lots of people flock to the steps but I don't know why: I queue up because I want to be on the rail!

Agreed. Here for the second night in the row. Up front near the stage last night and intended to try the steps tonight, but have ended up moving back down in front of the stage. Atmosphere feels more Frenzly down here! 

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If you've got a bag you're going to need to queue for longer than those who don't, because of the bag check! Night #1 I stood in the bag check queue while people who showed up an hour or more later than me cruised through, while today I took no bag and shot past a large chunk of the queue that had been there when I arrived.

I arrived at 3pm on Thursday and 2:15pm today and had no troubles getting the rail. Arrive by 3pm if you want to hear the soundcheck, assuming they do one.

No worries!

Also, this is ludicrous given how large a city Seattle is, but I know somebody there who says they have a friend who's come over for the gig. It'll be a hilariously small world if you know an Alicia K.

It is a small CH (and U2) world indeed! ☺ Alicia is our friend! This gave my husband and me the biggest chuckle. Hope to see you at the shows!

Hahaha that's amazing! Well if you see a guy with a mop of blond hair in a blue Flying Nun Records shirt, say hi! (Same invitation to the rest of the forum. I've met a few of you before but it's been long enough since the last tour that I forget names and faces.)

The sound is a LOT better on the stairs, but you're also towards the back and sitting politely, which makes it a tricky decision. It's not too bad in the standing area, just a bit too quiet - enough to make less-engaged punters a bit too chatty and it can get disruptive (thanks Toaster).

Will look for you! I will be in a CH shirt with a KEXP trucker hat! Hope to connect with some of y'all today. ☺

I'm five foot so going to the "standing section" wasn't really an option for me unfortunately, so I was centre first step and stood up for the show which was great. I have no doubt the standing section at the front of the stage is amazing, if you can get there early and be close to the front. Towards the back could get pretty claustrophobic and you'd probably not see the stage. Up towards the back of the steps pretty much everyone seemed to want to sit for the entire show and they didn't look kindly on any one standing up to dance.

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