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I can't get Tim's MySpace page to load. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

I'm aware that I'm having computer problems, which have been slowly getting worse over the last few weeks. Despite removing various programs etc, its still dead-slow, and sometimes things simply won't load (and its a very powerful computer).

I'm wondering whether that's the case with Tim's MySpace page, or whether its time for me to get my puta checked out by a professional.

I haven't seen any mention of Myspace probs, so I'm assuming its me? Confused
Texas Rose
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Its back up Big Grin Phew. I'm so relieved.

I went back into the page again, and it did its thing, loaded the ad at the top of the page. I sat there looking at it thinking that if I was a computer whiz there would probably be some command somewhere that I would see and recognise and I could get it to work.

As I was sitting thinking all this, a little window popped down which said I might need to instal Adobe Flashplayer Eeker

I had gotten rid of a lot of programs which my niece must have put on (without telling me), but I had been having trouble accessing Tim's site before I did that, which was why I did it - I thought it might help.

Anyway, whatever. I don't care. Its working and I'm a very happy camper. Big Grin
I agree Kelly - it's time he'd blogged something.

TR, I'm not a big fan of myspace right now. I'm lucky if I get two days in a row when I can read friends blogs, send messages and look at vids posted on sites without getting the stupid message - Myspace has encounted a problem and we are currently investigating (or something like that). Confused
Actually I've had that message too Kazzie (although not to do with Tim's Myspace page).

I can get the page but its still not straightforward.

I just can't understand because there had been no problems (only that message when I was trying to log into my own page, and that was only occasionally).

I'm ready for more blog from Tim too, although perhaps he's still underground for the summer? Wink I was mighty grateful that he didn't blog while I was blocked though. Smiler
I had actually tried that too SC, but it didn't help.

It was like there was only a shell (ie the page with blue sky or whatever) and that that was all there was. I knew that wasn't the case however.

I do stilll think the problem was my computer, and its something I'm going to have to eventually have looked at (which will leave me without a computer so I'll have to time it).

I can now get into his MySpace page, however its like the page just hangs there first, then it suddenly loads. That's different to how it used to be for me. Sometimes I have to walk away and just leave it, and it loads by itself. Othertimes I have to click into "My Computer" where there are more problems, and that seems to prompt it to load.

Its weird and frustrating and will have to be sorted out. Although I have antivirus and firewall etc I'm assuming something as got in. Those things are next to useless, in my opinion.
Hi Texas Rose!
I'm no master of computers and most of the times when I have problems I let a friend, who likes solving computer problems, fix it.

Perhaps your computer problems are due to the computer getting slower. I've learned two easy things to do to "clean up" the computer, which makes it run faster. Even if it doesn't solve your computer problems, Texas Rose, it's good to do anyway. Maybe it's trivial things that "everybody" knows.

I'll try to explain the best I can. (Every menu in my computer are in Swedish and I will try to translate them.) If you don't understand my English, don't hesitate to ask.

1. Get rid of cookies and files that are stored when you enter internet sites. Go to Tools and chose Internet Options. Try to find something called Temporary Internet Files. Get rid of both cookies and files. It may take a few minutes.

2. When a new program is installed into your computer it often is not saved in the same place. A little bit is saved i one place and other parts are saved somewhere else. One reason to this is that when you get rid of a program there is new storage free, but the next program you install might not be the same size. Later when you use a program which is saved in different places in the storage it takes time so search for the different parts and the computer get slow. Therefore you have to rearrange the objects to make your computer run faster. This is probabaly called something like defragmentising.

In the Start Menu: Chose the one you pick when you want to change your computer settings - like the volume or the printer. Then chose the one which deals with maintenance and performances. Chose: Rearrange object in the hardware to make the programs run faster. Chose: analyze to know if you need to rearrange the objects. Defragmentising takes time, maybe a few hours if your computer is really messy.

Good luck! I hope it will help you or at least that you will get rid of the problems soon in an another way.

Thanks for this Kitty. I'll read through and perhaps give it a go. Smiler

The strange thing was that despite the probs getting into Tim's MySpace page, I could get into anyone else's that I wanted to. I wouldn't have thought that a computer problem would discriminate.

Anyway, it seems to be working now, so I'm all ready for when Tim blogs again Big Grin Hint, hint Wink
It's nice that your problems are over by now, Texas Rose.

Originally posted by Texas Rose:
I'm all ready for when Tim blogs again

Yes, we certainly don't want to miss that. Big Grin
I hope he will be back blogging soon too.

If you have had your computer for more than a year, I really recommend you to try my tips. They are both safe, you can't do any harm to your computer. I promise. And a faster computer is really nice. Smiler I noticed a huge difference the first time I made a defragmentation of my hardware. I also find that getting rid of all cookies and temporary files sometimes helps when I have problems with an internet page.

Hmm. Big Grin I read through my argumentation. It sounds like I'm trying to change your opinion about politics or something. Big Grin

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