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Who else noticed the slightly different mix of the ever-loverly "Lost Island"? There's some extra choral vocals near the end. In my headphones they sounded pretty high in the mix. It sounded pretty cool. I'll always love that song; who knows if this will become my preferred mix.

I get while "So Dramatic" is a b-side, but it's still one of the most achingly-beautiful songs Neil has ever written. Sign me up for an album of Neil doing haunting piano ballads like this, "People Are Like Suns," and the jewel of his solo catalog, "Drive Home."

Will admit that TOE is my least favourite Crowded House album (but still a good collection but one I don't play often). Perhaps the mood of the album has tainted my enjoyment of it. However I do love "Silent House", one of my fave House tracks. 

The bonus disc on this release shares that same fatalistic mood i's parent disc has. Enjoyable but I'm not sure how often I will play it. Having said that, the B side 'glam' version of "Stare Me Out" is fantastic but the winner for me is Nick's "Won't Be Silent". A revelation! Maybe that is what TOE needed, some R&B groove to it?

I do think the piano version of "People Are Like Suns" is a better version and a preferred closer to the album proper but that's just a personal choice. Perhaps TOE is too long... I'm not sure but the album serves as a good, not GREAT, collection of songs.

Guy. posted:

Won't be Silent... Is that a Nick Seymour lead vocal???

I wondered that. The liner notes say that he came up with a new arrangement and circulated a tape of it for consideration but it isn't clear whether what we're listening to is it. But it certainly doesn't sound like Neil singing. Further question, as the liner notes bizarrely say nothing on the subject on any of the albums: is it a Neil song or Nick's?

Thing was, you mentioned it before I had a chance to listen to the song so when I did have a listen I was looking out for differences. Hearing the choir sound different, I wasn't sure if it was just confirmation bias but a quick listen on headphones confirms that there's a least one part where, on the original, the choir hums their melody, and on the new mix they sing "ah"s. A different take of their performance must have been used.

Indeed. I need to have a close listen to the whole choir arrangement to see if there are any other differences. Given that you've clearer got better ears than me, your homework for the weekend is to listen to the whole catalogue and produce a paper by Monday of all the mix/mastering differences you can hear.

Then I can listen to them as well and knowledgeably agree with you 

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I actually wondered whether they would drop the two additional vinyl tracks from the LP to maintain consistency with the album/bonus set-up of the download. I personally always listen to the 'LP' version using the CD single tracks, mainly because I think leaving Lost Island off any album would be a crime. It makes it a long album though. I was lucky to pick up an original vinyl copy of ToE about a year ago when Amazon randomly listed a copy. It's the only way to listen to it. 

Paul H posted:

So bat-eared Lavar78 was right! A new mix of Lost Island! Any thoughts/comments Jeremy?

The file I was given was labelled "Lost Island master" and sounded the same to me, but I was aware there was a small chance it might not be the final mix. Wish I'd had time to triple check but couldn't A/B everything by that stage.

It sounds like the tape archive is in a bit of a state if a pre-final mix remains logged as the master and master tapes are missing! No surprise given the nature of the band's recording career but it's a bit of a shame. No criticism of you, Jeremy, it sounds as though you had to put a massive amount of work into this and it isn't any surprise that an oddity or two slipped through the net. It's interesting to know that it wasn't a conscious decision to use a different mix. Presumably the "new" mix will be the one to feature on the vinyl edition?

FINALLY! Yay! First impressions: Here's a Note-Like the back story, but the song doesn't do much for me initially, hopefully will be a grower. Purple Light-had an acoustic version of Time on Earth, I like this more full arrangement. Another in a long list of "Why did Neil drop this song?". Stare Me Out-alternative- almost a completely new song. I like it. Distance Across-need a few more listens. Bound to Rescue-song had potential, see Purple Light. Won't Be Silent-nice to hear Nick's versatility. I think I've read he has done some soundtrack work, I would like to hear some. The song is pretty good. 

The bonus disc is pretty short, why no live tracks? They did tour to promote TOE, right?

Paul H posted:

So pleased your set turned up, Steve. Most of the "new" songs on the set have really grown on me after several listens, so stick with them.

Oh, I fully intend to. Actually, as a whole, this disc plays really well. Probably due to a pretty consistent sound. Demos sound like finished songs. Even though I asked about live tracks, it sound more like a finished studio album without them. Very pleased with it.

Steve, I completely agree. I think a lot of ToE shows were made available, so maybe they thought live material was well covered elsewhere. I think it's a short disc, but the consistency of sound, as well as the shorter length, helps it feel like it could be an album of its own, whereas others, like TA or the debut, sounds like discs of odds and ends to me (not that that's necessarily a bad thing). 

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I said at the time of release , Stare Me out would have been better with a more straightforward rock drum beat . Don't know why they changed it to a 4 snares in the bar feel....

Am I right in saying the booklet lists "So Dramatic" as an extra track that was only on the vinyl edition ? If so, it's not true , as I havre the 2007 double vinyl .

stuartjb posted:

I said at the time of release , Stare Me out would have been better with a more straightforward rock drum beat . Don't know why they changed it to a 4 snares in the bar feel....

Am I right in saying the booklet lists "So Dramatic" as an extra track that was only on the vinyl edition ? If so, it's not true , as I havre the 2007 double vinyl .

It was available somehow as a bonus download, either from iTunes or some other source, JB, perhaps. I had it and am pretty sure I got it "legally", i.e. not shared by a friend. I don't do vinyl, so I'm sure it had some sort of digital release.

Oh dear. My mistake! In my defence, I had to write the notes for seven books and proof-read multiple amendments while also maintaining Neil Finn Facebook, Crowded House Facebook,, Neil Finn newsletters, Crowded House newsletters (at the time), Neil Finn YouTube channel, Pajama Club Facebook, 7 Worlds Collide Facebook, Neil Finn Google +, Neil Finn Apple Connect... all in addition to my fulltime job at RNZ and raising a family. I tried to double check everything but, due to time constraints and deadlines, sometimes had to rely on the knowledge in my head. Turned out to be off track on this occasion!

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